Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS Arhitekti


Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS

This shopping centre and apartment block by Slovenian architects OFIS Arhitekti is due to begin construction in Ljubljana, Slovenia, next year.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS

The seven-storey building will be wrapped in sweeping trellises made from layers of mesh.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS

Called Shopping Pillow Terraces, the building will have a passageway running through the first two floors that will connect a main thoroughfare on one side to a park on the other.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS

The first four storeys will accommodate shops and restaurants connected to an adjacent shopping mall, while the three above will be filled with apartments.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS 5

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Here’s some more from the designers:

The complex is located in the heart of Ljubljana, between the park and main Ljubljana pedestrian commercial street. 
The program is a mixture of boutique shops, caffe and residences.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS 5

The street and the park will be connected with public passage perforating the building. Since the street and the park are in different levels the building has two ground floors connected with a passage.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS 5

Lower 4 floors are shops connected with a mall. Top three floors are reserved for apartments; partly also inside existing historical atrium. The building is formed in terraces between low-rise historical line in the park towards recent extension of the Post office on the border of the plot.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS 5

Terraces offer beautiful views towards the old city and the castle. Lower large terrace plateau is formed as open air caffee, higher terraces are designed as apartments. 
Teraces are enclosed with green pillows; organic layered metal mesh with implanted greenery inside.

Like the fashion also the building is changing through the season: fall winter appearance is covered in silver and sometimes covered in snow. On the other hand spring summer appearance is green and sometimes in flowers. 
Project will go on site in 2011.

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS 5

Location: Ljubljana
Type: commecial and residences
Client: LE nepremicnineAreas:5.474 m2 commercial program 3.222 m2 apartments
Structure: metal, reinforced concrete
Max. Height: 7 floors (1 underground), 24.0 m above ground
Budget: 20 mio EUR 
Exterior Finish: metal, stone, glass, green
Project team:
Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Janja del Linz,
Janez Martinčič, Katja Aljaz, Andrej Gregorič, 
Verena Smahel

Shopping Pillow Terraces by OFIS 5

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  • spacess

    it will be BOOMER when will be built …well done Slovenians

  • mmm

    it's seems contemporary architecture has entered its rococo phase

  • jer

    this is amateur hour, the buildings are floating in that rendering….this is embarrassing undergrad work, not professional quality, not even the renderings.

  • Intriguing project! Just wait & see…

    François Beydoun

  • noyz

    What's all these fancy balconies about?, i don't get it, this practice used to be a serious one…

  • Mark

    Agree with you François, OFIS always surprising us with their projects

  • The buildings look strange , winding. But Very interesting! I want to built this building style in Korea.>.<

  • nomaco

    it sounds a “good”project …but not a”perfect”one…It might need a little touch here and there…I dont know mabey they should have studied it a bit further..

  • shamma

    The great point is in this shopping center the concept of the layers. And how the park and street connect to the building in strange way although the park and street are in the different level s , the building has two ground floors connected with a passage.