Reichtum by Mark Braun for Lobmeyr


Carafes by mark Braun for Lobmeyr

Vienna Design Week 2010: Berlin designer Mark Braun presented a series of carafes engraved with images of lakes, glaciers and rivers of Austria for glass company Lobmeyr in Vienna earlier this month. 

Top: Pasterze glacier
Above: Stubaier Ferner glacier

Developed as part of the Vienna Design Week Passionswege project bringing together young designers and companies with a long tradition, Braun's project involved etching the glass with three different processes.

Above: lake Rinnensee

The resulting pieces were displayed filled with water collected from the relevant site over the last year by the organisers of Vienna Design Week.

Above: lake Traunsee

Graphic designer Anna Sartorius created postcards showing each lake, river and glacier with images from Google Earth and information comparing the area of water with the amount of time the engraving took.

Above: river Mur

The installation at the Lobmeyr showroom was entitled Reichtum (wealth), and refers to the different prices of each carafe based on the time taken to engrave them.

Carafes by Mark Braun for Lobmeyr

Above: river Donau

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Carafes by mark Braun for Lobmeyr

Above photo is by Kollektiv Fischka

Here's some more information from Vienna Design Week:

The company J. & L. Lobmeyr has been working with the material glass for almost 200 years and continues until this day to rely on handcrafted perfection in creating its chandeliers and other lighting objects, its hand-blown and hand-cut crystal, and decorative glass.

Carafes by mark Braun for Lobmeyr

Above photo is by Kollektiv Fischka

Starting from the Lobmeyr tradition of personalising glass objects with engraving or decorating them with eloquent patterns or ‘paintings’, the German designer Mark Braun has realised a series with the emphasis on water on the one hand, and glass on the other.

Carafes by mark Braun for Lobmeyr

Two substances that are at least strongly related visually.

Carafes by mark Braun for Lobmeyr

Using the copper wheel engraving technique, archetypical water carafes especially designed for this project have been decorated with the outlines of Austrian lakes, rivers, and glaciers.

Carafes by mark Braun for Lobmeyr

For Mark Braun the sum total of these makes up the symbol of the essential wealth of everyday life.

Carafes by Mark Braun for Lobmeyr

The installation ‘Reichtum’ [Wealth], also the title of the presentation, stages the carafes filled with original water!

Carafes by Mark Braun for Lobmeyr

The PASSIONSWEGE format, a core component of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, brings designers together with Vienna shops and manufacturers with on-the-spot experimental projects and interventions.

Carafes by mark Braun for Lobmeyr

Above photo is by Kollektiv Fischka

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  • felix

    The river designs work but the others look too much like a smear or defect in the glass. Out of a gallery context, I don’t think people would give them the second look needed to notice the etching is intentional.

    Unfortunate name too!

  • Mike

    Yesterday I saw "Reichtum" at the exhibition MIND THE GAP in Berlin. It's a very nice project! Congratulations Mark!

  • Love it.
    Its a wonderfull project .
    Use the black background also when you show the pieces ,
    it just looks so much better that way .