Here! Sod T-Shirt Packaging by Prompt Design


Here! Sod T-Shirt Packaging by Prompt Design

Thai design agency Prompt Design have created a range of t-shirts that are packaged to look like food from a supermarket.

Here! Sod T-Shirt Packaging by Prompt Design

Called Here! Sod, each of the t-shirts feature a graphic representation of a type of food or drink, including bread, beef and cabbage.

Here! Sod T-Shirt Packaging by Prompt Design

These are folded inside vaccuum packs, paper bags, plastic wrappers or disposable cups.

Here! Sod T-Shirt Packaging by Prompt Design

Here's some information from the designers:

Here! Sod created a new line of t-shirts that are sold in simple & distinctive packaging that resemble the packaging of food found in gourmet supermarkets. Each shirt is sold in packaging that resembles different forms of packaging. For example, a 'pork' t-shirt is sold in the Styrofoam deli packaging used in the butcher's section of a supermarket. All the t-shirts in the product line are uniquely packaged to make their products more eye-catching and to create a fun & novel shopping experiences for consumers.

Here! Sod T-Shirt Packaging by Prompt Design

The unique packaging created instant brand recognition amongst consumers which generated large volumes of word-of-mouth advertising.

Design Studio : Prompt Design
Brand : Here Sod
Designer Team: Somchana Kangwarnjit, Passorn Subcharoenpun, Chidchanok Laohawattanakul, Mathurada Bejrananda

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  • m0s

    This is quite in good taste!!! Awesome.

  • ste

    i would not enjoy walking through cities with beef printed on me…

  • maxe

    Production is not a game.
    It's funny to draw the idea.
    It's a disaster to product this.

  • ZTY

    i agree.

    Nice idea but creating so much waste is not fun.
    Stop it.

  • dan

    just what we need: more useless packaging and waste.

  • Liam

    why didn't they create a pattern that would resemble something of the suggested product when packed then when you open the tshirt it has a different pattern than beef or a baguette. I don't know how many people really want to walk round with a cow or a baguette on there tops just because of the way it was packaged!

  • Kirby

    What do these tshirt designs have to do with the price of fish ?

  • beefme

    it's gaga to go.

  • INawe

    wow. so many haters in here. i think this was a very clever idea and execution.

  • peh

    Why are commenters on dezeen allways such smartasses.
    Nice Concept Guy!

  • arquiteto

    hard to produce. great chance to see another beef at the club… I love the idea but..
    packaging is a waste.. Wy do you need plastic, or paper… just to yhink about.. I love the design. Maybe the client ask for this concept… nice to see trhe comments! Tks!

  • lukef

    very good idea with packed, but result looks so ordinally.

  • nina

    some girl has already done the one with the steak: it was even worst, the cotton used for the steak was useless

  • lyns

    I thought we were supposed to be using less packaging! everything about this is useless! If the concept was about raising the issue of waste and GM they might have had better reviews.

  • DjH

    Where can we buy them?

  • Eric

    Nifty concept – but the design people at Meat and Potatoes Inc. have been using this format for years and years for their creative packaging and some of their garments as well.