Origamaster Shades by BCXSY


Origamaster Shades by BCXSY

Here's a pair of concertina-style sunglasses by Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto of BCXSY.

Origamaster Shades by BCXSY

Inspired by origami, the Origamaster Shades are made of a thin sheet of transparent plastic that has been folded several times and pinched in three places to form glasses.

Origamaster Shades by BCXSY

The sunglasses are being shown as part of an exhibition in Tokyo called Shades Down in Tokyo Town, curated by Sofia Hedman and designer Karolina Kling of HEDMANKLING.

Origamaster Shades by BCXSY

The exhibition is at Calm & Punk Gallery in Tokyo and will run until 26 November.

Photographs are by Gavin Fernandes.

Origamaster Shades by BCXSY

Here's some more information from the designers:

Origamaster Shades

Mastering the secrets of folding, long before the invention of paper and anything that is flat, the immortal Origamaster has been traveling through time and space since the dawn of mankind. The very few who had the chance for a quick glance could swear that he’s surrounded by a cloud of rapidly moving hands..
Being a very private person, the Origamaster has decided to create a piece which will help him to be less recognized while being among the living – folding a thin sheet of transparent plastic has been the perfect solution for that!

BCXSY was commissioned by HEDMANKLING to create a sunglasses concept for the project SHADES DOWN IN TOKYO TOWN – an exhibition that features the creatures and their spectacular spectacles.

The exhibition will take place at CALM & PUNK gallery, Tokyo, and in 2011 will tour to London, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

The participating artists are: Ann-Sofie Back, BCXSY, Bernhard Willhelm, BLESS, Charlie Le Mindu, Helle Mardahl, Henrik Vibskov, Iris Schieferstein, Josefin Arnell, Kling by Kling, Maiko Takeda, ManfreDu Schu, Mykita, Piers Atkinson, SWD/Skyward and Walter Van Beirendonck.

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  • nuha

    is it really hard to hire a model and photograph her?

    • jed_

      i suspect they wouldn't actually sit comfortably on an actual human head. there are no ear rests for one thing.

  • http://www.fakesartorialist.com fakesartorialis

    Lady Gaga has already pre-ordered these I'm sure.

  • http://www.niclasandersson.se Niclas Andersson

    This must be the most stupid thing ever posted on this site. Form follows stupidity? Pointless and useless.

  • applejiang

    this is cool! and I agree with the LadyGaga part.

  • Andrew Owl

    Make something and call it "Design".

  • D_P

    well, it's about time someone addressed the fashion needs born from the very serious medical condition of tits-for-eyes

  • http://twitter.com/CartalkByJJ @CartalkByJJ

    LOL! how does it sit on an actual head without ear rests?! Can anything make it on this website these days?!

  • LL124

    somehow it looks like a bra to me

  • dcbcn

    "Being a very private person, the Origamaster has decided to create a piece which will help him to be less recognized while being among the living…."
    Less recognized by wearing a yellow plastic-origami bra over his face? That's a surefire way to blend into the crowd.