Dressed Up Furniture by KAMKAM


Furniture by KAMKAM

Seoul designers KAMKAM have designed a collection of felt-covered furniture that can be fastened using buttons, belts and zips.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Above: Cham Bench

Called Dressed Up Furniture, the range includes a bench, cabinets and stools, which all have little areas for storage, hidden behind a felt door.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Here's some more information from the designers:

‘Dressed up furniture series’.
This series is made up of four items, Dressed up stool, Cham, Cham bench and Belt felt.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Dressed up stool
The button on this personified stool is not just a visual effect but a new experience of extended actions such as storing, opening and closing doors.

Furniture by KAMKAM

The upholstery can be locked by the three buttons on the side and also fixed by rolling it up using a magnet when you store something inside.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Above: Belt Felt

The highly elastic soft sponge of upper side guarantees durability of the comfortable seat.

Furniture by KAMKAM

“Cham” is mingled with clothes in terms of functional and shape.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Above: Dressed Up Stool

Consumers can experience more flexible and higher level of 'Opening' and 'Closing(Locking)' with this little cabinet which is formed by upholstery method.

Furniture by KAMKAM

It can be fastened by the belt or the inner magnet which fixes the belt-door rolled.

Furniture by KAMKAM

The size of the door can store little sundries.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Above: Cham

The furniture is named after the North Pole monster 'Cham', a character of Korean novel.

Furniture by KAMKAM

The shape of the furniture 'Cham' has soft appearance that resembled mild and comforts people by the inherent intimacy. This is a reddot design award winning product 2010.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Cham bench

The series of ‘Cham’, mixed of clothes and bench. Using elastic sponge on upper side and finishing the external with Upholstery method, ‘Cham-bench’ will give you durable comfort.

Furniture by KAMKAM

Belt felt
‘Union’, the theme of “Belt Felt,” is structurally applied clothes and furniture.

Furniture by KAMKAM

The clothing concept ‘belt’ blended to furniture has functionality that assigns flexibility to opening and closing doors.

Furniture by KAMKAM

The fabric, which is not woven, but compressed by strong heat and moisture, emphasizes the theme ‘Union.’

Furniture by KAMKAM

This collection is on exhibition in Seoul, Korea

Furniture by KAMKAM

Furniture by KAMKAM

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  • DotRangerb

    that's so cute.. : ) so sweet!!

  • Zoombabe

    Amazingly sweet, cozy, warm and lovable, but I'm afraid of the dusting and cleaning is not thet easy :s

  • very stylish and nice.

  • cleaning can be a problem, yes I wonder

  • Prof Z

    With his hair, a paleolithic designer could produced his own material in "his studio" and make furniture like wardrobes, clothing and hats in felt. Now he could shows this and sold it on the web.
    Best concept since casamania suitcases …A product that could be selected by Li Elelkoort and also by Marva Griffin, Curator of the SaloneSatellite.

  • Hercule Poirot

    Cyte ? Think about the unumerous rabits killed to produce this felt .-)
    But anyway now you can "experience" if the door is open, half-open or closed. Let's face it : a big step forward for humanity.
    Ikea-level to me.

  • mmm

    didn't understand, it's made of animals, rabbits?

  • Oooh it is so very pretty!

  • autographinteriordesign

    So Simple but so nice. I love the round stools!

  • sewyoursoul

    Hercule Poirot-not such a good detective in your case. Felt is made from sheeps' wool which is then shrunk and heated to produce a tough and thickened material we know as felt. No rabbits were harmed in the making of this furniture. I love felt, I use it in my art too :-) http://www.sewyoursoul.co.uk

  • xtiaan

    waaay too twee
    and imagine how it picks up dust, they are going to get real grubby real fast
    I seriously couldnt be bothered taking my chest of drawers to be drycleaned…

  • quietgirlblue


    also, felt is not just made from sheeps wool. I know someone who uses alpaca fleece (and occassionally llama as well)

  • So sweet!! I would see the other version with denim too.