Manifold Clock by Studio Ve


Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Studio Ve in Israel have created a clock where the two hands are linked by a striped paper-like material, creating ever-changing 3D shapes as the hours go by.

Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

Called Manifold Clock, the striped sheet is made of Tyvek, and slowly curls and unfurls.

Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

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Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

Here's a tiny bit of information from the designers:

The Manifold Clock.

We connected the clock's two hands with a manifold to create a 3D movement.

Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

The time can be read traditionally using the two hands, while a new reading method is created when clock demonstrates an ever-changing form every minute. It is a combination of modern design and simple mechanics.

Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

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Posted on Thursday December 9th 2010 at 7:00 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • tim

    interesting looking idea but it must not work like a normal clock, as complete movement is impossible… so how does it really work then?

  • tommi

    too nice looking to tell you what time it is

  • Thiefsie

    How does this do a full rotation and not get tangled?

    • kanter

      I guess it doesn’t. In the video there’s a glitch every time it happens.


  • Hercule Poirot

    I guess the manifold is not glued so that the paper can rotate around both hands.
    Charming idea, anyway.

  • Josep
  • Jordan

    It was very easy to find a time-laps video on there web site. This clock is beautiful. The fact that I could not picture it working at first, like many of the previous commenters, and then see videos of it working made me want it badly. These designers work is very valuable, I almost have one ordered and I am looking forward to the day when I think of 2 o'clock as a lovely set of curves.

  • newegg

    the flikr thing is better and shows a 360 rotation but still wonder what effect it has on the clocks ability to accurately tell the time given the tiny amount of power of even the high torque movements. Tyvek is very light but it takes very little to slow a movement down and given the effect is acumulative by the end of the day is it still accurate. Anyhow its really beautiful and kinetic sculpture whatever

  • The manifold is only connects to one hand and "sits" on the other, allowing it to flip every hour or so. it is not shown in the video because it was shoot using stop motion with a 30 seconds interval.

    the clock obviously works just as a regular clock, we have been running it in our studio for a couple of months and it hasn't slowed down in any way.

  • Ann

    This is a work of a genius :)

  • Vic

    Great invention. I bought one myself. … :) …
    Good work guys.