Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects


Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka

Japanese architect Hiroyuki Tanaka designed the structure of this table based on the roof and pillar systems of ancient temples.

Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka

Called Temple Table, the wooden design features four interlocking frames made of batons with the same section.

Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka

Photographs are by Shimizu Ken.

Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka

Here are some more details from Hiroyuki Tanaka:

Temple Table

Japanese traditional temple and shrine have many types of architectural vocabulary that have been updated for a great many years. We wanted to carry on the heritage for furniture with respects.

Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka

This table is derived from architectural roof and pillar system. In this case, it means that the pillar will be leg and the roof will be table-top. Using this system, we could solved it logically (structural) and aesthetical (ornament).

Project name : Temple Table
Project leader : Hiroyuki Tanaka
Project team : Hiroki Hanazuka
Material : white wood
Size: width 1200mm, depth 1200mm, height 700mm
Study period April 2010 – Sep. 2010

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  • fede

    very poetical… but was necessary to use all that wood?

  • sornsorthor

    so people would usually admire this table with the view from the under? :D
    it's pretty anyway, nice cultural reflection on this. i like it :)

  • nike

    There is a method for making a temple by wood in Japan.
    This table has concept about it.
    That's why it should be made by woods.
    …anyway i like this project ! :)

  • We love a touch of Japanese temple joinery

  • laar

    it looks like Chinese Pavillion in Shanghai Expo…

  • The table surface could be transparent…

  • Tex

    I love Japanese design! There is probably no more wood used in this table than in many contemporary wooden table designs. And I can see the underneath of my own dining table from every seat in my lounge/dining area!! I would much prefer to be viewing this tables underside than my own!!

  • Carch

    It should put in souvenir store at china pavilion.

  • deepdesign

    wonder how it would look with a glass top…

  • stillunwritten

    I would have preferred to use all those wood structure in a functional way also.

  • reddy

    beautiful, but resulting bruised knees less enjoyable. coffee table version with glass surface maybe??

  • sara

    copy Chinese Pavillion in Shanghai Expo?

  • sornsorthor

    @laar @carch
    and china pavillion could get the idea from ando's '92 Seville pavillion

  • frr69

    It's very "Mackintoshic"

  • Tee

    the legs somehow feels weak to me, like they would easily break.

  • This is really interesting, I just finished a project where we had to create a furniture system as a translation of traditional Chinese joinery.