Wear Out by Carolina Reis


Wear Out by Carolina Reis

Folds, pleats and tucks in this suit by graduate designer Carolina Reis exaggerate the movements of its wearer.

Wear Out by Carolina Reis

Top and above photographs are by Nichon Glerum

"Since movement is as individual as our fingerprints, a design that takes into account motion becomes singular to each person," says Reis.

Wear Out by Carolina Reis

Above photograph is by Design Academy Eindhoven and Vincent van Gurp

Called Wear Out, the project was developed as part of her graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven last year.

Wear Out by Carolina Reis

Above photograph is by Nichon Glerum

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Wear Out by Carolina Reis

Above photograph is by Nichon Glerum

The information below is from Carolina Reis:

Carolina Reis, designer and researcher, has developed Wear Out. It is the outcome of her master degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her work was exhibited during the Dutch Design Week from the 23rd until the 31st of October at both the Design Academy Graduation Show and at the Appropriate Material exhibition.

WEAR OUT - body movement shaping the garment

What if the wearer could become whoever he is without having to choose a certain representation in his outfit? Is it possible to approach fashion design without imposing a certain model to follow?

This project is the outcome of this premise. The mechanism applied on the fabric breaks when there is pressure and adjusts to the wearer. By using movement as a catalyzer of change in the object, the garment takes its final shape once each person has used it.

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  • This is realy cool.
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    Ordinary clothes do that too you know…

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    I want color hidden in the pleats.