Hair Clip on Hair by Humans Since 1982


Hair clip on Hair by Humans Since 1982

Swedish designers Humans since 1982 have created a hair clip with eyes on to make the wearer look like they're standing the other way round and wearing a niqāb headdress.

Hair clip on Hair by Humans Since 1982

Called Hair Clip on Hair, the piece comprises a photograph of a woman's eyes, attached to a metal clip.

This series of photographs is by Stockholm photographer Tim Meier.

Hair clip on Hair by Humans Since 1982

The design is produced in a limited edition of 50 signed, handmade pieces.

Hair clip on Hair by Humans Since 1982

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Dimensions: 105mmx 20mm
Material: photograph on metal

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  • Sjoerd Kierkels

    Looks freaky!
    My first thoughts about this were slightly different. I thought it was associated with a Burka..

  • Ansie

    Only meant for childless women – mothers DO have eyes in the back of their heads!

  • Major Bummer

    I'm sorry but, please….. this is really childish.
    And on the pics it kind of works but what if you don't have black hair don't wear a black dress and are standing in front of a black background?

    Major Bummer

  • bronxelf

    I think it's a nice enough hairclip, but it doesnt look like you're wearing an niqab. It makes you look like Cousin It.

  • memo

    Mmmm….. I think they're missing the mouth-shaped hair clip.

  • kiki

    I like it! It is annoying but making world unboring:)

  • fizz

    You can add to the effect by wearing your glasses on the back of your head…

  • Joop

    The effect is only there with the hair down, and why would you wear a clip with your hair down?