Rocker by Doshi Levien for Richard Lampert


Rocker by Doshi Levien for Richard Lampert

Cologne 2011: London studio Doshi Levien present this child's rocking horse at imm cologne in Germany this week.

Rocker by Doshi Levien for Richard Lampert

Called Rocker, the pared-down design is for German brand Richard Lampert.

Rocker by Doshi Levien for Richard Lampert

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The information that follows is from Doshi Levien:

Design for Richard Lampert

While observing young children, we found that most things of interest to them are not figurative but everyday objects that are not intended for play! Children find their own imaginative purpose for any object already in the home. This observation prompted us to create a "Rocker" for Richard Lampert that is like a found object, an improvised ride. Moulded seat with solid oak rockers.

IMM Cologne Hall 11.2 Stand J 010

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  • nice one, would like to see it in real, at least hope you will have some photos of this here soon.

  • antepostnow

    made me smile.

    as our son max stood in front of a horrendous kitsch-horse-portrait yesterday and it must have given him the most wonderful associations as he was smiling away going on with "jiiihaaa" –

    i doubt this design would give him the same association. as beautiful as it is, it is designed for the eyes of the father, not the son.

    (lieber richard, schick uns bitte trotzdem eines – vielleicht ueberzeuge ich einen der filii ja …)

    • kim

      totally agree with you. Stripping off the meaning of a horse for ornemental purpose (minimalism as the ultimate ornementation) has removed any poetry from this rocking tube…

  • RLKC

    I wouldnt want to ride on this when I am 5.

  • ywg

    Can kids crawl through it….that is a new twist…. you can be the horse or the rider

  • Butch

    Gosh relax folks! Personally I love the improvised nature if this toy. Afterall why does every rocking something have to look like a horse. Some children are happy with a hoop and stick!

  • Neo

    The best thing is that they mention Martin Margiela in the drawing.

  • Billy Bob 24

    I don't see many kids choosing one of these over Pearson Lloyd's brilliant colourful rocking animals, it just doesn't look much fun. Why is the sketch so colourful and the rendering so dull and clinical? I hope at least that the tube thing comes off the base so kids can roll it around?

  • bodkin

    rocking horses look like horses because children like pretending to ride horses. If your child wants to ride concrete sewer pipes then this would make an ideal christmas present. i can't see my children thanking me for buying it. it's a silly idea and wouldn't sell. i also suspect it wouldn't be cheap making it an even more laughable prospect

  • I tried a rocking horse when younger and found it a very stale experience, aside from the rocking, and yes frankly would have much prefered concrete sewer pipes, pretending to ride a horse was not of interest at all.
    With this product children have the possibility, and no lack of imagination, to create any animal/ machine, whatever.. they desire, not to mention the new landscapes to match.
    Not sure exactly what you mean by lack of 'poetry ', but i would agree it is more of an object for the father due to its stripped appearance, but, wrap some fabric around it add some bells and whistles and I think that it is far from laughable.