NE by Teruhiro Yanagihara


NE by Isolation Unit

Here's another hair salon by Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara, this time located in central Osaka, Japan, featuring free-standing mirrored boxes.

NE by Isolation Unit

Called NE, the project hides different areas of the salon so as not to reveal the function of the space.

NE by Isolation Unit

A hair washing area is located inside a brick room with concrete steps sitting in front of it.

NE by Isolation Unit

The steps double up as a waiting area, providing seating and display surfaces.

NE by Isolation Unit

Lights and doors to the storage rooms are flush with the walls and fold out to reveal their functions.

NE by Isolation Unit

Photographs are by Takumi Ota.

NE by Isolation Unit

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NE by Isolation Unit

The following information is from Yanagihara:

NE, located in central Osaka, is a hair dressers shop for a young couple that started up their own business.

NE by Isolation Unit

The small space doesn't reveal it's actual purpose and is conceived as a narrative sequence of abstracted objects and volumes.

NE by Isolation Unit

An iconic stair, that contains the wash- and backroom, marks the waiting area and serves as seating accomodation and display.

NE by Isolation Unit

Free-standing mirrored screens are positioned in the otherwise empty cutting area like sculptures.

NE by Isolation Unit

The lights and doors to the storage fold our of the walls and let them appear like made of sheets of paper.

NE by Isolation Unit

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  • steef

    nice acoustics i'm sure

  • fivedollarshake

    .. AND if their new business doesn't work out they can always open an art gallery/pharmacy/restaurant in there :) i would have never guessed this was a hair dressers salon!

    • Same! But I don't think customers would walk in the hairdressers salon expecting it to look like one either.

  • Gravy

    I've always wanted to get my hair cut in a weird, Japanese nightmare. Now I can.

  • Love the mirrored boxes.
    OT, the lady in the fourth image looks rather uncomfy!

  • truthnbeauty

    Interesting and strong 'concept', but what about 'reality'? Show us a plan? How does the space appear from the street/entry? How will the space appear in populated 'real world use' mode? This may be 'art' that suffers in 'use' – which is a primary distinction between architecture and art.

    • angry catalan

      "art" actually goes through "use" and can "suffer" from it. an architect who doesn't know about art is unforgivable.

  • I would have liked to see a photo of the brick washing area on the inside. It looks like it is really dark there…

  • Fizz

    Excuse me, is this a morgue?