Sealed Chair by François Dumas


Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

Cologne 2011: designer François Dumas of the Netherlands presented this collection of chairs made from bent plastic rods as part of [D3] Design Talents at imm cologne in Germany.

Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

Called Sealed Chair, the design is made by heating plastic rods to make them flexible then setting in wooden moulds - much like the production of bent wood furniture.

Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

Whilst the rods cool, the connection points are melted and the moulds joined together, pressing the melted areas against one another to form a seal and the joints of the chairs.

Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

Three rods are required to make an armchair while only two are needed to make a chair.

Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

Dumas has also created a more durable version of the seat using a stronger thermoplastic and screws.

Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

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Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

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Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

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Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

Here's some information from the designer:

Sealed Chair François Dumas 2010.

Sealed Chair results from the research and development of an accessible and affordable serial production process. The chair’s structure consists of three extruded plastic rods made flexible by heating in an oven.

Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

After having been formed in wooden templates, the parts are connected using a welding technique that emphasises the melting of the plastic: a seal. Those seals are made by imbricating the templates together as a puzzle. Depending of puzzling two or tree templates, the outcome of this mould is either a chair or an armchair.

Sealed Chair by Francois Dumas

The construction of the chair results from drawing with these bending and welding techniques. Each part works in synergy with the others, stabilizing the ensemble.

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  • max

    I like the shape and the whole aspect, but I'm wondering how strong could be the connection points.

  • jimjim

    this is wonderful, very intelligent use of the profile :) I'm a big fan. Just wondering which manufacturer will bring it to market ?…

  • Bjorn

    Hope somebody does! because has the right to belong to the public!!

    great project!

    hope to see more of him in the future.

  • julesbb

    very beautiful production technique, like the result, hope it's strong enough!

  • joe


  • saaijournaal

    To me it looks more like a (the) THONET!
    First Michael Thonet in Wood, then Breuer in steel, now …
    F***ing love it!