Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer


Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

These duck-shaped funnels for transferring liquids from one container to another are by London designer Roger Arquer.

Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

Called Funnel Friends, the vessels come in three sizes and can be stacked together by slotting them inside one another for easy storage.

Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

The products have been produced in collboration with Dutch homeware brand Royal VKB.

Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

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Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

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Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

Here's some more information from Arquer:

Funnel Friends

Funnel Friends Transferring ingredients but wondering how to do it? .........Funnel Friends from Royal VKB offer the perfect solution!
Funnel Friends is a multi usable and practical cross over set between funnels and containers that can be perfectly used for transferring liquids, cereals and grain. No matter whether large or small quantities need to be transferred, Funnel Friends offer unlimited possibilities.

Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

Our Funnel Friends are not only extremely practical to use, but possess an extra dimension due to their unique and organic styling. The flowing shape of each of the Funnel Friends is cleverly designed to make the complete set fit together perfectly. This allows the Funnel Friends to be easily stacked and stored so taking little space in what is often an already crowded kitchen!

Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer

The RVKB set of Funnel Friends includes three different sizes:

Small Funnel
The smallest funnel is ideal for transferring liquids, for example while decanting wine or filling spice jars like a salt and pepper mill. Because of the oval shaped spout a vacuum is prevented when pouring which improves the flow of liquids.

Medium Funnel
The medium funnel is ideal for transferring not only liquids but also ingredients as sugar, rice and other grain. The open shape is perfect for scooping large quantities of ingredients and transferring them through the spout in smaller quantities as desired.

Large Funnel
The large funnel can be used both to store and pour large amounts of liquid, for example lemonade and pancake batter. This makes the funnel multi usable.

Funnel Friends, your ‘friends’ for in and outside the kitchen! The set of Funnel Friends is available in white only and is packed in an attractive full colour gift box.

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  • raf-d

    form and function. well balanced. love it!

  • designeast

    Handy tool, nice connection between funnel and bowl. I like that. So simple and practical.

  • Pierric

    Functionnal and beautiful, clever design, Again !! Well done Roger !

  • Tomás

    Lovely simple is what we all want to achieve on a project.
    One of the best products I am not used to see well done!

  • tjparsons

    Wonderful combination of the practical, the characterful and the minimal.

  • Brilliant and beautiful.

  • Emanuele Pizzolorusso