New Room by Nuno Capa


New Room by Nuno Capa

Portuguese studio Nuno Capa have completed the interiors for a hair salon in Braga, Portugal, featuring translucent curtains to partition the space into smaller zones.

New Room by Nuno Capa

Designed for hairdresser Pedro Remy, exposed concrete features throughout the New Room salon and the areas requiring a bit more privacy are divided using corrugated metal.

New Room by Nuno Capa

Double height curtains running on circular tracks enclose workstations to create semi-private booths.

New Room by Nuno Capa

The salon also functions as a training academy.

New Room by Nuno Capa

Photographs are by Rui Pires.

New Room by Nuno Capa

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New Room by Nuno Capa

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New Room by Nuno Capa

Here's some more information from the graphic designer João Loureiro:

New Room is the latest space of the Portuguese hairdresser Pedro Remy. Hosted in the city of Braga, this innovative space designed by the architect Nuno Capa, it’s contemporary and minimalist.

New Room by Nuno Capa

Aiming to keep sight of the initial construction raw elements such as structural elements in concrete, these dialogues with the intervention of new fixed elements, ensuring the visual balance of a relaxing, comfortable and informal environment. It promotes the spatial fluidity for those who circulate, giving a special and different character to the workroom.

New Room by Nuno Capa

Alongside innovation, New Room offers an extensive menu of hairdressing and aesthetical services, targeted to customers who worry about their image and looking for new trends.

New Room by Nuno Capa

Our stylists are internally trained by our own academy to ensure a high quality service, always directing their attention to the customer’s life concept, personality, personal habits, appearance and hair type. This workspace is also a training academy, aiming to support all hairdressing and make-up professionals.

New Room by Nuno Capa

In the schedule is already a plan for continuous and quality training in the area of new methods and practical techniques. The business training in management of hairdressers, leadership and motivation of teams, marketing, among others, will enhance the diversity of educational knowledge offer, differentiation factors and enhance today’s professionals.

New Room by Nuno Capa

We advocate an equal degree of knowledge for all professionals, in order to glamorize this as one of the most important artistic interventions in the area of beauty that comes with the past, present and future of human civilization.

New Room by Nuno Capa

New Room is a new change, modernity and sharing knowledge for everyone's future. We want to maximize the value of the concept and lifestyle for all our customers.

Project: New Room
Client: Pedro Remy
Architect: Nuno Capa
Design: João Loureiro

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  • charles

    Great hairsaloon, in Portugal or What ?
    Fantastic concept, for real.

    • Yes, in Braga (Portugal).

      • James Gill

        Gorgeous concept from start to finish. I love it!

  • Jurgen

    It looks like a laboratory. Nice places for people must be warmer.

    • felix

      agreed, why do interior designers think hairdressers are a place where you need to be dehumanising and radical?

  • Ricardo Antonio

    Hairdressers are a quite messy ambient. Try it in a friday evening and you will understand what I mean… I guess the apparent "dehumanisation" is actually the designer taking the humble and wise decision to allow the daily "hairdressing spectacle" to happen and flow here in a unclutered nice way…

  • Ricardo Antonio

    I guess the most important thing in a hairdresser is people's hair – that's why the mirror is the centerpiece in this kind of interior project. Privacy is often a requirement from the clients – this project brilliantly sorted out that with the curtains. A hairdresser saloon, in it's daily life, is also quite messy…I would say nearly chaotic… Hair on the floor, different smells in the air, diferent people doing diferent things… try it in a friday night and you will understand what I mean… in the end, this apparent "dehumanization" that Felix mentions will be "filled up" with the "hairdressing day by day spectacle". For me, this radical look, more than just a designer neuroses, it's the designer taking the humble and wise decision to allow the daily life of this kind of place to happen and flow in a good uncluttered way. In my opinion this guys did it brilliantly in this project. My congratulations to the arch and the designer

    • tom

      totally agree

    • Ana Luisa

      Are they going to wash these white curtains someday? Because they will get dirty!

  • Hilde

    The curtains remind me massively of Phillipe Starck's design for the spa at Sanderson Hotel, London.

  • Charle

    What ? That noise hotel withe a lote of things and colors ? You say it s the same architecture ? That Work is boring, this is new concept and minimal. Nice idea, great Work.

  • goncalomotta

    Very elegant solution.

  • Diogo Marinho

    I love it!!! Good Job!!! Congratulations to the Architect and the owner of the hair dresser to said yes to such a different but very wonderful plaice. Good Job Portugal!

    • Ana Luisa

      It’s beautiful for internet and magazines…because all the white will get dark very soon!

  • Does someone know the name of the lamp used in this project? Thanks.