Ivy by Thomas Bernstrand for Swedese


Ivy by Thomas Bernstrand

Stockholm 2011: designer Thomas Bernstrand of Sweden presented this skewed stackable shelving unit at Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

Ivy by Thomas Bernstrand

Called Ivy, the design for Swedish brand Swedese is made up of separate shelves with grooves in the top and bottom of each support.

Ivy by Thomas Bernstrand

These mean each layer can either be stacked straight or leaning to one side.

Ivy by Thomas Bernstrand

Stockholm Furniture Fair took place 8-12 February. See all our coverage of the event »

Ivy by Thomas Bernstrand

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Ivy by Thomas Bernstrand

Here's some information from Swedese:

Ivy is a stackable shelf system. The shelf’s can be stacked in three different ways, straight up, left or right. Stacked to the left it will lean left, stacked to the right it will lean right. When alternated it will level out. Ivy is made of clear-varnished pinewood or painted ash in white or black.

Ivy – shelf to build to the height you wish, and in the shape you wish.

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  • L8er

    This stackable shelf system is getting to much attention. Personally I dont get it.

  • Never in my life did I think someone would better the design to a bookshelf, but here it is! This is charming and whimsical! Perfect for a modern home!

  • You can't imagine what the skewed shelf is doing to this anally-retentive,Libran Minimalist……. it's a form of furniture flagellation.
    Straightened they're just big office in-out trays.

    • Gravy

      I'm trying not to imagine.

  • miss piggy

    Love it! I wonder how many combinations there are

  • Bernie

    The skewed option would be great to keep all those tall but thin and difficult to keep standing books. Bravo!

  • Yoda

    Shelf’s? Learn to grammar, you must. Defeating Vader, your destiny is.