Camper store in London by Tomás Alonso


Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

London designer Tomás Alonso used ceramic tiles to create optical illusions in this store he designed for Spanish shoe brand Camper in London.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

The interior is lined with a grid of white 10 by 10cm tiles, but this pattern is broken in places by coloured geometric tiles to create the illusion of recesses or volumes looming out from the walls.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

The space is furnished with benches and counters made of oak and bent steel tubes in Alonso's studio, plus ceramic lamps he designed specially for the project.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

Called Camper Together, the shop is the brand's fifth in London and is located in Covent Garden.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

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Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

The information that follows is from Camper:


Camper opens a new shop in the city of London, on the corner of Shelton Street and Neal Street.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

The store’s image was conceived by Tomás Alonso, a young Spanish designer of Galician origin now based in London, who practises “slow design” and has a knack for working with simple gestures.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

With this new venue, the British capital now boasts a total of five Camper Together shops.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

Since the great masters of the Modernist movement, no designer has been noted for his ability to bend a steel tube. This apparently simple feat is actually quite difficult to perform with a natural flair, as Tomás Alonso does.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

Tubes, wood and colour were all he needed to craft the furnishings for this new Camper store. Another simple flourish in the tile pattern creates an illusory three-dimensional effect on the walls.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

“All of the furniture was designed and built specifically for the shop as part of a personal project I’ve been working on for some time now, which is based on the formal and structural language that two materials as dissimilar as lacquer tubing and natural wood – in this case, white oak – can create together.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

This language also extends to the stairs and the cash desk unit. The pieces were handcrafted at my studio in London. Perhaps the most striking element is the large table with its accompanying chairs and benches, which take up most of the space. The ceramic lamps are also original designs.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

The wall cladding is a simple twist on the standard 10 x 10 cm square tile. If it is combined with three additional shapes, you can create all kinds of geometric patterns and designs in isometric perspective.” TOMÁS ALONSO

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

Tomás Alonso (Vigo, 1974) is the prototypical young nomadic designer who, like so many others, roams the earth searching for ideas to make his work more original. He is not in any hurry; he practises his own version of “slow design”, which consists in doing things leisurely and carefully so that no detail is overlooked.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

He wandered through the USA, Italy and Australia before moving to London to study at the Royal College of Art. Alonso graduated in 2006 and teamed up with five classmates of different nationalities to found OKAYstudio.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

He currently combines his research work with commercial design commissions. His personal creations have been exhibited at galleries such as NextLevel (where he presented the show Variations on a Tube in 2009), Whitechapel and Aram, whose doors are always open to up-and-coming talent.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

Tomás is a rising star, and this is his first interior design project. The concept—which, like every Together shop, is a limited edition—made its first appearance in Genoa, and the London store will soon be followed by another in Glasgow.

Camper store in London by Tomas Alonso

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  • kle

    oh wow ! It works !

  • similar

    Lighting inspiration Tomas?

    Although not so clear in these photos – they are very similar in reality – same format/details, very similar material just a different colour and more geometric shape.

    The rest of the store is nice…and original… though.

    • blunt object

      very much doubt it.

      • articulate alex

        these look nothing like the ones in the link, you'd have to have a fairly primitive design understanding to suggest otherwise – something along the lines of a chair's a chair, a lamp shade's a lamp shade?

  • Joanne Yu

    been there, and loved it! :)

  • ajhan

    …it's perfect design

  • ivanalindgreen

    great stuff, Tomas!

  • scruces

    Congrats my friend. Awesome work as always.

  • Sondre

    Congratulation Tomas, awesome work!

  • polly

    this is good. coherant, focussed and complete. i hate campers though. ugh so ugly.

  • Awesome job Tomas, really good job

  • Gado

    Optical illusions are here but it looks like a washroom! Sorry guys, but I'll never buy there anything!

    • picturewithinpicture

      You'll never buy anything here because of the interior?? Sorry but that is just a moronic comment.
      You are not purchasing the interior.

      • Gado

        To attract a potencial customer into the boots store you should have the right boots, an attractive interior and a good price. When I'm passing by the store with a washroom inside, i'm not having the right association and a wish to make a purchase. This is my view, not yours of course. In general, store design should help to sell. This design is interesting but it's not the right one for the ordinary shoes.

  • looks like the continuous monument of the 60's Superstudio

  • Mopey

    I love it! Especially the staircase railing is wonderfully organic. Great job!

  • Carmen

    me gusta, buena forma de aprovechar un espacio tan pequeño y hacerlo sumamente llamativo…I like it, good way to use such a small space and make it very appealing …