Plug and Player by Giha Woo


Plug and Player by Giha Woo

Product designer Giha Woo of Korea has combined an mp3 player with an electrical plug.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

Called Plug and Player, the conceptual product is designed to be charged by plugging it directly it into the mains electricity.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

It features buttons to control playback on the front and a headphone socket where the flex would be on a normal plug.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

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Plug and Player by Giha Woo

Also by Giha Woo: The Bent Hands by Giha Woo and Shingoeun.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

Here's a tiny bit of text about the product:

Plug and Player - Concept

It is the mp3 player resembled the shape of plug.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

Generally, users use a plug to charge a digital device, but the size of plug is big enough to play the role as mp3 player.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

This design is a kind of minimalism through convergence of plug and mp3 player.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

However, the unique value to be able to find between inevitable objects will outweigh that.

Plug and Player by Giha Woo

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Posted on Wednesday March 2nd 2011 at 3:22 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Roger

    Nice idea, technically impossible. No MP3 player could be charged on 240V. You need a transformer, and today, none of that size exist.
    Still like the idea .

    • srle

      have you not seen the iphone4 charger/transformer?

      • Marlener

        I did. It's bigger.
        But beautiful idea.

      • Len

        Have you not seen the iphone4 charger/transformer?

  • ChangChang

    Nice design… but i'm not sure it will work on the American electric plug. I mean, European plugs seems more secured than our.

    But it still a very good object!

  • Looks more like a form of execution than an MP3 player.

  • quzy

    Yeah, where's the transformer? Even if one can fit an MP3 player inside a transformer (which will surely be bigger than the plug). Fail.

  • Akeel

    It kind of ruins the freedom that mp3/ ipod player should have. It look pretty ugly carrying that around with you, which can easily get damaged. May be have an alternative design by allowing the pins to slide into the device so its hidden and does not get damaged.

  • man

    Nice renders!

  • Guybrush

    My gosh, but why do they come out with such a concept when it's clearly not feasable ?! Why the designer did not ask someone if it could be possible ?!
    Why he didn't think about other countries ?!
    Is it just that difficult get some information on how things work, before tracing lines?!

  • keito

    mmm, and how about music downloading from computer? this thing don't need one staff (charger), but still i need other (transformer to usb).
    idea is good, but must be finished :)

    great pictures!!

    • Mihai

      there's a similar mp3 player by samsung that is charged through the audio jack , so it can be done

  • Steve

    So now your mobile music player is limited to 3' from the wall? Doesn't make much sense to me.

  • julynanako

    mmmm,,,a ipod shuffle plus a plug,,that s it.

  • peh

    hello smartasses..have you seen apple's charger in the size of a regular plug? No..then check it, before leaving such comments,

    • julynanako

      hey,,smartass,,,,ipod can be charged on laptop or pc, needs just a small usb cable..which means it is much smaller than a regular plug(in UK),,and at the same time,,it can add music,,however,,have you seen any laptop or pc gets a plug port? NO,,,,then check it,,before calling others asses,,, LOL

  • Dani

    Interesting concept, but the player is unusable when its plugged into the wall (reach down to the outlet to change the song?)

  • Guy

    I reckon if he had pulled himself away from his computer one blurry eyed morning to think about how to actually make a prototype he would have realised it wouldn't work technically. Designing on the computer can be great but it also puts you in a mental bubble.

  • I love it and I want it !

  • distortion

    we usually use 220v in korea. Anyway, It could be need transformer

  • Red

    Nice idea, but can you imagine the UK equivalent? Who wants to carry a 3 pronged bulk around in their pocket? Ouch!
    Maybe if there was a way to detach the prongs? Meh…

    • Tsh

      You can put a European plug into UK outlets, you just need to insert something like a key in the vertical hole.

  • bauknegt

    I think it's not so smart to walk around with the transformer inside of the mp3-player. The size increases (if it's at all possible), while size does matter…

    Leave the parts behind that are not needed on your way…

  • David

    How do you even put music onto this?! There is no way to plug it into the computer – i expect the designer would say some stuff about wi-fi on this which is relatively expensive compenent and wastes battery.

  • Cute 'n' clever!

    Would be brilliant to be able to have your charger with you at all times. No running home to charge up the battery just find a convenient socket.

    Judging by some of the comments this seems to be a feasible design.

    Miniaturisation makes almost anything possible! Remember in the '60's how Maxwell Smart's shoe phone seemed impossible? What could you fit in a shoe these days?!!!

  • amazing picture and a brilliant idea. Really nice work

  • ozmoto

    I've always wondered what a current sounds like.

  • Joseph

    Concept is just concpet..

  • Tanzi Pants

    I think I might have an anxiety attack if I tried to listen to music that close to a wall.

    • Bic

      no no u got it wrong, its only plugged to the wall when its charging… then u use it like any mp3 player