Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves


Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves

Brazilian Fashion designer Andreia Chaves has created a series of 3D-printed shoes in collaboration with Amsterdam rapid prototyping studio Freedom of Creation.

Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves

The collection includes a pair covered in a mirrored shell, called Invisible Shoe, and another where the nude leather upper is visible through the same 3D-printed framework.

Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves

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Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves
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Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves

Here's some more information from Chaves:

Launch of first studio series by designer Andreia Chaves

The first commercial studio series by designer Andreia Chaves will be launched at this years’ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (February 10-17). The series entitled ‘Invisible Shoe’ will be shown in New York in a exhibition organized by Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with designer Herve Leger and this will be followed in March 2011 by a launch in Asia in association with I.T Hong Kong as well as the opening of the new store I.T Beijing Market Comme Des Garcons.

Described as a study of optical effect applied to shoe design, the ‘Invisible Shoe’ series explores the concept of invisibility though the ‘chameleon effect’ while the shoe’s reflective finished surface creates an obscured optical effect with each step taken. This innovative design greatly exceeds the primary function of the shoe, where "protecting" the foot also means "deleting" or "immersing" it into the environment.

The series, which will be available in limited edition, in three different models, is handmade in Italy using a combination of leather making techniques together with advanced 3D printing technology. For the development and manufacture of the external structure, Chaves has collaborated with the renowned Dutch Company FOC (Freedom Of Creation).

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  • The shoe would be immensely awesome without the nude colored shoe inside. It would also make the design itself sleeker, because it wouldn't have to accommodate the insert.

    • Katherine

      Sure, but then it would kill our feet. :) The insert at least suggests that this bit of awesome might actually be wearable. Which a shoe should be!

  • porco

    so easy wow you are one of many who wants to make a 3d print shoe….. butt because the 3d print inst strong enough you just use it as DECORATION… maybe you should try to cover the 3d print with epoxy…

  • JuiceMajor

    Wow…Balenciaga would like this!

  • Katie Sletty

    This is amazing…….. so different of everything I have ever seen in shoe design! SO STRONG! WANT THEM!!!!

  • drg

    Reminds me to Chair One by Konstantin Grcic. Very nice.

  • pipo

    great! low polygon decoration around a shoe..
    looks like someone from the 80's is imagining the future..

  • roman

    ridiculous. worthless, compared to the genuine mastership of an italian shoemaker,
    to the sexiness of handcrafted leather. again another example of design
    that is a narcistic love of technology, but doesn't lead to a product of use.