Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G


Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Spanish studio Arquitectura-G have renovated this apartment in the El Born area of Barcelona by adding wooden storage and mezzanines.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Divided in two by a solid wall, the apartment comprises a kitchen and dining area on one side with a living room, study and bedroom on the other.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Thin white metal steps lead from this second part to a mezzanine that extends over half the floor area, with an even higher platform holding the bed.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Photographs are by José Hevia.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Here are some more details from the architects:

Accommodation of 34 m2 and 4.5 m in height, divided by a load bearing wall in two rooms of similar size, located in El Born in Barcelona.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Assuming this separation, the housing project divides into two areas:

The first consists of the kitchen and a mobile cabinet, which operates as a bar, kitchen side table and dining table. It is a social area linked to the driveway, which improves the electrical installation and use television to spread beyond the mere fact of cooking and eating.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

The second stay, however, responds to needs of a greater degree of privacy. That is why the space is fragmented into different trays that house the program in height, providing a gradient of intimacy without losing the visual connection between them.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Thus, the first tray, which occupies half the area of ​​this room, is understood as an ambiguous space dressing room and study area. The second highest one-quarter of the plant surface, contains the space for a bed.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

For the resolution of this scheme in height, are particularly important furniture, adapting to different places, meeting the urgent need for storage, and the connection and relationship between levels.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Neglecting current standards of habitability and construction, it gives each area the necessary scale for each item and use the appropriate features.

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

The spaces are formed depending on the size and privacy they require, and wealth is given by the relations generated between them. For this reason, rather than speaking of space "up" or "below", we can talk of "spaces between", "spaces next to" or "spaces."

Apartment in El Born by Arquitectura-G

Work: Reform of Housing in the Born, Barcelona
Architects: ARCHITECTURE-G (Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala Bril, Aitor Fuentes, Igor Urdanpileta)
Contributor: David Fernandez Taboada
Sponsor: Ms. Santarelli
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Reformed Surface: 34 m²
Project Year: 2010
Year built: 2011

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  • http://hoggphotography.blogspot.com/ John

    Hope you don't roll when sleeping. but nice clean design overall and good use of space.

  • sara

    yes, very aesthetically pleasing, but pretty mean.

    • Trujillo

      What's mean about it, Sara? The elevated bed? I think it's got a banister at a pretty reasonable height so you don't fall from the bed unless you throw yourself.

  • Flying dutchman

    The dresser/stairs are so cool!

  • http://marealestatesearch.com/north-andover-real-estate North_Andover

    A little dangerous without proper railings but I love it. The wood looks to be a plywood material which I am seeing more and more as a design element.

  • Russ Stern

    It has it's moments.. But, the thing is, it seems past the time for us humans to be using organic materials – such as wood, for construction purposes. We needn't cut down trees anymore. They serve a better purpose.. just being trees.. and as a byproduct, they convert C02 into… oxygen.. a nice gas for us to have around.

  • citoyen sade

    El Morgue.
    I'd be terrified at the sight of the dining table on wheels in that environment.