Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea


Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

Spanish firm Grupo Aranea have designed this apartment to sit on the roof of a house belonging to the client's mother.

Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

Called Casa Lude, the project in Cehegin, southern Spain, has windows angled to look along the narrow streets to the mountains beyond and unfolds to a roof terrace at the top.

Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

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Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

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Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

The text that follows is from the architects:


Lude wanted a house in a traditional neighbourhood in the city of Cehegin, using the roof of his mother and sister’s house as a plot.

Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

Making the most of its privileged situation, Casa Lude is related to its environment in a particular way.

Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

Due to the density of the area it doesn’t open directly to the nearby facades but looks along the narrow streets to see the landscape, the Burete mountains and the San Agustin Hill.

Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

In spite of looking different to the other buildings of the neighbourhood, Casa Lude is as compact and introverted as them.

Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

Instead of a conventional layout of the rooms Casa Lude creates a unique, continuous and rich space on different levels with various heights and directions; a space that Lude fills with music.

Casa Lude by Grupo Aranea

This space extends to the roof as a natural continuation of the interior life. It is a complex space full of light where a lot of secrets are hidden...

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  • scruces

    I absolutely love the sculptural quality of the addition.
    It's poised as something otherworldly, definitely alien but at the same time unobtrusive.
    It's not yelling, “look at me”!
    It's just there, existing…quietly.
    It's neutrality is refreshing and…
    Contextually, it coexists harmoniously.
    Its materiality ties it all together.
    Muy bien.
    Me encanta.

  • Amazing piece of architecture. I would love to live in it. Congratulations from Prague.

  • James

    I love spanish poetry of design.
    Fantastic stuff and I think I will move to Spain in future to learn how to do good architecture ;)

  • Jasenko

    It looks cramped from the images, but I don't experience it in such way (from the model). I love the interconnection of space and the indecipherable/obscure outer shape.
    Love the minimalism in detail and color.

    allround sexy architecture

  • I think this really is a fantastic project. Well Done!

  • Very inspiring spaces.I like this kind of parasite architecture!

  • john graham

    beautiful. espeically because of its connection to an existing traditional architecture. although seems a little dark.

  • LOW

    That is suave

  • Emerson

    Simple and refreshing. Interesting spaces. Very nice and very engaging

  • Bavarian


    Best i´ve seen for a long time….

    Guys here you can see what is the difference between architecture and design!

    Best architecture , very archaic

    Great rooms….

    Can we see plans?

  • Interessante… mas gostaria de ver uma foto mais ampla da rua… talvez assim compreendesse melhor a inserção dessa arquitetura no contexto.

  • Dan

    Does it not remind you of the CaixaForum in Madrid by H&deM? This modern module on top of historical/raw structure. This is the 4th building I've seen similar to the Caixa. Not saying they're mimicking it, because obviously their contexts and materials applied are different., but In turns of visual aesthetics of modern on old, its been done.

  • fran
  • hotte


    Sorry, but your comment is not very intelligent. If “modern versus old” is done, building in general is done. let’s stop. sit back at let the building industry do the rest.

    And in my opinion this project has not much in common with the caixa project. it just sits on top.