Z-Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni


Z-Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni

Milan 2011: architect Zaha Hadid presented this zig-zag chair for producers Sawaya & Moroni in Milan last week.

Z-Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni

The Z-Chair is made of polished stainless steel in a limited edition of 24 pieces.

Z-Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni

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Z-Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni

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Z-Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya & Moroni

Above two photographs are by Ruy Teixera, courtesy of Sawaya & Moroni.

Here's some text from the manufacturers:


The design of the Z-Chair Chair summarizes the essence of contemporary design and the research developed by Zaha Hadid Architects over the last three decades. A simple three-dimensional gesture zigzags in the space as part of the continued discourse between form and function, elegance and utility, differentiation and continuity.

Geometric abstractions inform the design’s linear loop, which is articulated along its path in a language that alternates thin wire streams and large surfaces to provide both ergonomic affordances and inherent stability to the overall shape. The dichotomy between the elegance of the composition and its articulation is negotiated through a subtle play of contrasting angular corners and wide, smooth curves.

The resulting form echoes the calligraphic gestures of Hadid’s two-dimensional works; a controlled brush stroke on a canvas, the perfect synthesis of an idea: the sketch.

Z-Chair 2011
Limited edition of 24 +3AP

Length: 920mm
Height: 880 mm
Depth: 610 mm

Materials: stainless steel
Finish: polished

  • John F.

    This is not a chair! It is a design-object you can also sit on. Strange, expansive, useless? Would more fit into a sculpture-park.

  • So…. How do I sit on this?

  • Luis

    its so reflective, i don't even understand how you use it….

  • tom finch

    as usual from ZH there are a lot of massively sweeping statements used to justify things such as form, material etc here, that are left totally unsubstantiated. One suspects that this is because they are totally hollow but, seriously, she could easily be forgiven for saying that she is too busy for this kind of thing as her 'architectural' workload is now heavier than ever. Im often surprised at the acceptance of these kinds of commisions. The aesthetic is not for me at all, but regardless of that, why accept jobs that simply serve to undermine the credibility of your other work. Strange but money money is money to some people i suppose

    • it undermines the credibility of her work to a few people, but for the majority it gets her name out there, it's a branding exercise

  • michelalano

    If we saw it in plan view it may be easier to see how to sit in it. But sorry folks, it's not meant to be viewed from that angle.

  • Ya< I would have like to have seen a person sitting on it, just to better understand the shape.

  • jed

    oh i can see how it can be sat on but i could also work out how to sit on e.g. a henry moore sculpture or a tree branch but it doesn't make either of them a chair, does it?

  • I am not a campana

    I agree, its not a chair. It's a limited edition of 24 sculputures by Zaha. And they are beautiful as sculptures…

  • i'm not a zaha fan but these are pretty cool. unfortunately their organic looks will be completely undermined when you have more than one of the same design in a room. maybe she should have designed a set of four or six

  • andi

    it looks like a person sitting on a toilet

  • jomirod

    I'd be terrified at the thought of slicing off a buttcheek if I sat on one of these things.

    • Guy

      An implement of torture perhaps? "Chairs i wouldn't chose to sit on" seems to be the theme for my day, after stumbling across Peter Bristol's cut through optical illusion chair.

  • Brown Palace

    I think you are all full of it! I can clearly understand the concept of the"z, chair." You are right about the poor picture quality, but there is one picture that says it all! Use your heads!

  • LOW

    Admit it… we're all drooling over this

  • Bharat

    I have to saw it! THIS IS HORRIBLE! ok i can imagine how one could sit on an object such as this but i refuse to believe a shred of ergonomic design went into this, as an architecture student I am once again well and truly disappointed in such half measured efforts. I cant even imagine this ever working in a home or any other space apart from a museum, at which point it would probably be used as a sculpture which others have so aptly pointed out.
    I have to say with the MAXII building my opinion began to change of ZH but i refuse to give any credit for this monster.

  • sam

    i can't tell where my ass is supposed to go…

  • Mac

    Withou any reference of scale: could easily be one of her shoe designs…

  • AK_

    I'm usually the first to criticise, but bravo Zaha – this piece is pretty damn amazing.

    I saw this at the Sawaya & Moroni showroom last week, and the photos are not well considered for web viewing.
    Maybe better to post a video?

  • rjc

    rule number 1. is it comfortable?

  • DVE

    Yawn, when will it end. Really don't get the fascination with Hadid's work. Pointless and not even nice to look at.

    Creating crap just for the super rich to fill warehouses with just isn't my bag.

  • Nuk

    Good design exercise, but where on earth is the chair? I think she lost the ''real'' concept