Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit


Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

Milan 2011: Japanese designers Nendo have designed these hand-blown glass lights with the blowers pipe still attached, for Czech lighting company Lasvit, exhibited in Milan earlier this month.

Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

Called 'Growing Vases' the lights were shown as part of an exhibition, titled 'Cocoon', directed by designer Fabio Novembre in Milan.

Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

The design is based on the shape of a flower bulb.

Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

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Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

All Photos by Daici Ano

The following is from Nendo:

Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit:
We exhibited a glass object “growing vases” for a Czech glass and lighting company “Lasvit” in collaboration with Fabio Novembre.

Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

Design Concept
During this year's Salone, an exhibition of three designs by three designers including Mathieu Lehanneur and Nendo under the art direction of designer Fabio Novembre showcased the artistry of venerable Czech Bohemian glass maker Lasvit's glassblowers.

Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

We were assigned the abstract theme 'cocoon', and asked to create work that would directly convey the quixotic appeal of glass as something that is impractical and incomplete, but provides a breath of fresh air, opening up new possibilities.

Growing Vases by Nendo for Lasvit

We decided to take the brief in a playful direction, and to suggest both breathing and the incomplete by displaying the metal pipes used by glassblowers, still attached to the glass objects that they were used to make. By turning the pipes into flowers and branches and the glass into a vase, we literally turned convention on its head, making flowers blooming in vases into vases blooming from flowers to represent the flower bulbs that draw nutrients from plants through photosynthesis and store new life.

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  • @nofelix

    They look nice in a big group, in a Karim Rashid kind of way. It's like snow falling.

    I assume normally the pipe is reused once it's removed? so the design misrepresents the process of manufacture… seems kind of a fake authenticity if you're buying a load of extra pipes to put in the lamps.

  • high replica

    Simple, Art! Sometimes, we need to gazing such work of art silently.

  • zak

    It's true, this is a bit misleading. If the pipes where actually left on the glass after blowing, the glass would shatter. The steel pipes and the glass are not compatible, they cool at different rates and need to be separated before the glass is cooled. These were attached after the fact.