Habit Makes Us Blind by Espai MGR


Habit Makes Us Go Blind by Espai MGR

These conceptual images by Spanish studio Espai MGR show impossible Lego structures filling vacant neighbourhood plots in Valencia.

Habit Makes Us Go Blind by Espai MGR

The aim of the project, named Habit Makes Us Blind, is to draw attention to the problem of unused spaces in urban environments.

Habit Makes Us Go Blind by Espai MGR

The architects intend the project to promote the spaces for recreational use.

Habit Makes Us Go Blind by Espai MGR

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This information is from the architects:

Habit make us blind

Day by day we pass by vacant lots downtown. Just like an invisible metastasis generated in the heart of the city and extending to all its arteries. Neighbourhoods that, although having a huge potential, have more and more unused spaces, a fact that does not at all promote a correct sustainable development. Years have made us immune to this problem. It’s a landscape we already recognise as typical of the central neighbourhoods in Valencia.

Habit Makes Us Go Blind by Espai MGR

Sometimes, the tourists are the ones who open our eyes by mentioning or questioning whether this situation is normal. On other occasions, we pay attention to it for a moment only because the secondary problems that those spaces imply affect us directly. But in most of the cases, they are only a part of our way. Like a gruyere cheese where the rats block any possibilities of reconstruction, while staring at us, far away from its holes.

Habit Makes Us Go Blind by Espai MGR

This photographic work aims at calling people’s attention, just like painting those isolated walls yellow would. It demands the recreational use of those vacant lots through the eyes of a child, by filling them with impossible constructions, surrealistic installations in line with the problem. A children’s game as a neighbour’s shout, demanding the right to take part in their city.

Habit Makes Us Go Blind by Espai MGR

  • Alice

    beautiful. a creative way to use vacant lots! well done.

  • Great! I love the renders. The next level of this call to attention and awareness would be squatting the lots and make a real life structural statement… Just go for it!

  • joseph

    Great concept, Love the idea of material to use for the intervention. its great

  • ryansy

    "LEGO", the simple way to finish your studio works.

  • What architect did not have a love affair with Legos? Or might still…this is a very cool way of challenging you to think outside the box about what might serve as an urban infill. Architects so frequently get caught up in conventional designs or the need to "fix" urban infills with additions to the built environment, thank you for presenting a creative challenge to the status quo and providing a theoretical playground for a different approach to the urban fabric…must it always be a building?

  • Luis

    I like empty spaces or vacants. A place for air, light, change, time, imagination. A way of seeing that the city is alive, i don´t want a filled, determined & finished city.
    Why a vacant is a problem?
    Don't kid me, it's just a cool response to a non asked question (with a clear reference, an over scaled streetart action).
    We have to stop making more and more, always looking forward (and trendier)
    Play but don´t play the game.