Puma House Tokyo by Nendo


Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

Designers Nendo of Japan have completed the interior of a showroom in Tokyo for sneaker brand Puma with shoes displayed on a series of timber staircases.

Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

The Puma House features timber stairs wrapped round the space's concrete columns to form display shelves.

Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

The showroom also includes a combined press room and event space.

Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

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Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

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Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

Photographs are by Daici Ano.

The following is from the designers:

Puma House by Nendo

The interior design for the new Puma House Tokyo, located in the city's Aoyama design district. Puma House Tokyo combines the brand's press room and event space into one space for the first time. Puma House Tokyo is a multipurpose space that can be used for exhibitions, events, fittings, product launches and other media events. it is also available for rentals.

Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

For our design, we placed 'staircases' that climb around the existing features around the space like vines. But these staircases are not for people to climb. Rather, they function as display stands for PUMA's sneakers and as a compositional element that gives the space a special character.

Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

The resulting effect is a strong reminder that we exercise our bodies daily going up and down stairs, and has a visual connection with stadium stairs and podiums too, to bring in PUMA's important relationship with sports. The stairs bring a sense of movement to the interior, enabling a three-dimensional product display that fully uses its space and allows visitors to experience PUMA's worldview.

Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

  • Ricardo Antonio

    I like the concept… the movement… shoes that look like walking all around. But my overall impression is of a certain lack of liveliness. Maybe the concept is so good that the sneacker, itself, appears as kind of a polution to the concept…

    • Ece Cenker

      It's the brown color that chokes everything. Brown is a poor background color for exhibiton/presentation purposes.

  • Nice idea! But how does one the shoes placed at higher levels when one is close to the 'vines'? Persplex, in the case of the concept of 'movement' and 'stairs' mentioned above, could have been used; allowing the shoe to be seen in totality: sole, top, front and sides!

  • Pok Kobkongsanti

    Welcome to the Nendo World!

  • So simple and beautiful. I'm impressed and inspired with how a minimalist vocabulary of materials and forms makes such a strong visual statement. Makes me want to go out and buy Puma sneakers as a thank you to Puma for supporting good design.

  • Aga

    so nice.. if only more shops looked like that where i live…

  • nell

    pretty relentness for a space. Poor little puma, nowhere in sight.

  • Michelle

    To me it is a big dust collector, can you imagine trying to keep this place looking like new all the time.

  • keshav lohia

    Can I get the plan and elevation of this outlet?

  • Hi,

    We always publish the plans on Dezeen if we receive them.

    Kind regards,