Missing Pieces by Rupert McKelvie


Missing Pieces by Rupert McKelvie

UK designer Rupert McKelvie has assembled a table using thousands of pieces from jigsaw puzzles.

Missing Pieces by Rupert McKelvie

Called Missing Pieces, it was made by hand from puzzles with missing pieces.

Missing Pieces by Rupert McKelvie

Photographs are by James Forshall.

Missing Pieces by Rupert McKelvie

The information below is from Rupert McKelvie:

Missing Pieces

Hand constructed from thousands of Jigsaw pieces over hundreds of hours, Jigsaw sets with missing pieces were used to construct this table. The piece explores the concept of taking something that is incomplete and completing it in a new and functional form.

Jigsaw sets were something many of us grew up playing with, including myself. I was all too aware of the frustration of nearing the end and realising there were ‘missing pieces’. It became something that would never see completion. Left to gather dust in the attic, amongst all other things discarded and lost in time. The virtual world of computer games, in which everything is ever more rapid and instantaneous has taken over. The patience and tangibility are lost and with it, so is the interaction with others. This is why, I have decided to put together a collection of furniture that will use these neglected games, these incomplete puzzles, to create something new and complete.

Rupert McKelvie is a U.K based designer. Having trained as a classical boat builder he now runs a furniture design studio in the heart of Dartmoor, Devon.

  • Julia Long

    I really love the narrative behind this project, very interesting indeed.

  • Dee

    Love it, and i agree the back story is interesting. How something incomplete forms a whole new complete object put a smile on my face… THIS is design :)