by Aandeboom


Unable to prevent revellers urinating against their trees, Roskilde Festival in Denmark installed tree-mounted urinals by Dutch designers Aandeboom.

P-Tree by Aandeboom

The movie above shows the P-Tree urinals in use at Mysteryland festival near Amsterdam.

P-Tree by Aandeboom

The urinals are made of rotational-moulded plastic and can either connect to the main sewage system or a tank with a pump.

P-Tree by Aandeboom

50 of the orange urinals were strapped to tree trunks for the festival last weekend.

P-Tree by Aandeboom

Here are some more details from Aandeboom:

P-Tree at Roskilde Festival 2011

The P-Trees were a great success at the Roskilde Festival 2011 in Denmark, with more than 100,000 visitors and many of them using the P-TREE more than once. For Roskilde AANDEBOOM produced 50 P-Trees in the typical Roskilde Orange color. The P-Trees were placed on 2 different spots near the main stage. By using the P-Tree the festivals problem with public peeing was significant reduced.

P-Tree by Aandeboom

The P-Tree is a temporary tree-friendly urinal that can be fixed on every tree using straps and lashings. The P-Tree gives a feeling of freedom.

P-Tree by Aandeboom

The P-Tree can be hooked up to a central sewage system or connected to a tank with a pump.

Material: rotation moulded recycled plastic, stainless steel and straps and lashings. The P-Tree and lashings are available in different RAL colours.

  • Wiggle your dick in front of the whole crowd why don'tcha? :P

    It's a great concept, but it should be accompanied by some sort of screens that grant you a minimum level of privacy. Because if privacy is not granted, then why provide a unipersonal urinal instead of the usual communal pissing bucket? ;)

    • martini-girl

      Men pee anywhere with no regard for privacy.

      At least this means the rest of us don't have to put up with the stench.

      • Zeemmee

        Yes 'stench' is the most obvious outcome of peeing anywhere.
        Thanks to the pee-tree's waste pipes which are grounded.
        Brilliant idea Y no one thought of it before!

      • I still think this great product should be accompanied by some sense of logistics –trying to find a more concealed spot so the guys can do 'their thing' without girls taking videos with a smartphone ;)

        • dfgh

          Meh as if guys care. If they pull their penis out in public, even if it is because they’re desperate to urinate and are using the urinals provided, they deserve to be photographed and humiliated on the internet.

  • Julius

    I've been to Roskilde multiple times. The problem is not privacy. People will urinate at any tree anywhere – don't know why, but it seems like a great place to pee regardless of privacy. This is a great solution to fight the smell that builds up after several days of festival.

  • GranitK

    Nice idea but what about girls, how to pi girls in P-Tree ???

    • LaLo-CuRa

      They must patent the P-Cars. One hole between two cars.

    • Martin

      dude, with a "p-mate" obviously

    • Nicolai

      roskilde festival actually tried out a few different solutions for the girls this year… this is one of them: http://www.radioabc.dk/newsimport/newspaq-images/

      • nicolai

        … and here are all three 'p-stations' for girls from roskilde festival: http://peebetter.dk/?cat=12
        – so it is possible…

  • peeing while standing up is against health and civilization

  • Kyle

    This is riduclous:

    "The P-Tree can be hooked up to a central sewage system or connected to a tank with a pump."

    So rather than spreading urine around a number of trees, you create another waste disposal issue, in addition to the toilets?

    The amount of urea present is not going to harm a tree.

  • martini-girl

    Fantastic idea!

    Connected to a tank or sewer means no more disgusting urine soaked tree bases and accompanying smell.

  • dfasdfasdfad

    should've atleast wrapped up the tree in some plastic wrap or so.. guys have bad aim, especially when drunk in a festival

  • krimane

    it's a horrible idea and you can see it in one of the last pictures, if you'd like to walk on other people's piss whilst pretending it's a good idea, then by all means, this is what dogs like to do.

    • bill

      have you ever been to a music festival? depending on how crap the toilet system sometimes you have to wade through a small lake of piss before even reaching the urinals. The pee tree is luxury by contrast!

  • Memo

    What, no poo-tree ?…Damn !!

  • it'd be an idea to perhaps have the urinal connect via a pipe to the ground – where the end of the pipe is then splayed into different mini pipes . If this was a foot underground it would not need to connect to central sewer. It's just wee after all. No smell that way. Hopefuly the wee would just disperse that way and not splash back lol.

  • Is it sponsored by Heineken? lol
    Good idea, but need to think about women, this is a great challenge!

  • clou

    what about womans pee?!

  • Tim

    It's like anywhere else, there are not urinals in Women's restrooms.

    Porta-potties are part of a complete solution; plastic urinals with a privacy screen would reduce urination in unsanitary places.

    Privacy is important for moral reasons, the lack of privacy shows some have abandoned degrees of morality. They chose to go to this event, and whatever happens there. The music attracts, the seekers gather. Some religious conventions are noted for cleaning up after the previous concert.

    • Frank

      Given the atmosphere at an outdoor concert, privacy is a non-issue. Many guys would just pee wherever instead of waiting for a port-a-potty. At least the P-Tree directs them off into the trees.

  • There's a far simpler solution than pipes and sewers: A bale of straw will absorb copious amount of urine, and the nitrogen in the urine combines with the carbon in the straw and there is no ( ammonia ) smell.

    For the women a seat that straps to the bale would work.

    For the most economical privacy, provide a hood to wear while using it.

  • Michael W

    So, it would appear that depravity, or urinating in public if you like, is reaching to the depths of low morals. Unremarkable, but nevertheless not too pleasant for those that would like to try and retain at least a veneer of dignity.

    And the reason for Dezeen featuring this article: controversy, readership, and of course I am playing right into their web!!

  • Esther

    Hooking up to a sewage or tank will be excavation in a park area = expensive

    Women's P-Tree? Noooo, thank you. We don't want drunk P-tree user to think it's a "Poo-Tree"

  • So we have a problem with urine on trees but no issue with digging up the vegetation and disrupting the root system to install temporary piping? Interesting concept, but seriously people are still going to pee on trees and on the ground regardless, no one at a music festival is going to wait in line for this.

  • gra

    It's just peeing. Who cares if someone sees? Everyone does it.

  • traveller

    Recently in India I passed by a man who was peeing on a tree, talking on his cell phone and also smoking a cigarrette simultaneously!

    • Charlie Sheen

      Now thats multi-tasking. I bet Chuck Norris was holding his penis :)

  • Woodybert

    The P-Tree obviously needs a wide stance. It rained so much at Woodstock that we never worried about it even tho there were plenty of Port-O-Johns

  • Darren

    This may look like a “great idea” at first glance, but what problems does this solve that say, a bush or a wall doesn’t?

    Looks like people are standing in Pee mud. Nasty!

    Ignores half the population. Women are already underserved at most concert venues, this just exacerbates it.

    And then

    “and can either connect to the main sewage system or a tank with a pump.”

    To connect them, there would need to be tanks and hoses buried. To connect to sewage would be the same thing and then tap into the sewage line somehow. Is that really going to happen?

    I could see digging down a foot or so so the hose disperses the pee below ground, but hard to dig around a tree.


  • Paul

    Piss after you eat something, and you grab your girlfriend's face to be excited with the smell. Did not wash their hands. Besides the lack of privacy in public and is a little moral hygiene. The solution would be that each is connected to a disposable bag where you store your urine, and when you fill the boots trash. When I publish this up is the solution for men and women.

  • tom

    It is hard to believe that it hasn't been done before.

  • How'

    How could you not include these in this article?!?! http://apps.cadc.auburn.edu/rural-studio/Default….

  • Jbird

    For the girls. Idea–attach a riding type saddle to a tree in the same manner as the P tree and the ladies can climb on, sit and P or whatever. Jbird

  • Frank

    The P-Tree is a great idea. They help to alleviate the long lines for the port-a-potties, which makes for shorter wait times for the ladies. The lack of privacy wouldn’t bother me personally. As gra said above: “It’s just peeing. Who cares if someone sees? Everyone does it.” For those who find it distasteful, don’t watch the guy peeing; look elsewhere.

  • Michael Swanson

    Going to make a “Dump Stump” too?

  • Same ole Same ole

    I notice the girls hanging around the pissers… freaks!