NET by Numen/For Use


Net by For Use/Numen

Visitors can clamber inside a stretchy web of netting installed by Numen/For Use at Belgian gallery Z33 this summer.

Net by For Use/Numen

The designers from Croatia and Austria suspended large nets from the walls and ceiling to creating a shifting landscape that's distorted as people move around inside.

Net by For Use/Numen

Numen/For Use are best known for their Tape Installations, which use several kilometers of transparent sticky tape to create cocoons between the pilars of a host building or scaffolding. See our earlier story about their installation at DMY Berlin 2010 here.

Net by For Use/Numen

NET is on show at Z33 in Hasselt until 2 October 2011.

Net by For Use/Numen

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Net by For Use/Numen

Photography is by Kristof Vrancken.

The following information is provided:

First Belgian exhibition by Austrian/Croatian design collective

From 3 July to 2 October Z33 - house for contemporary art shows the new installation ‘NET’ by the Austrian/Croation design collective Numen / For Use. They have created this new installation for their first exhibition in Belgium.

NET consists of flexible nets suspended from the walls and ceiling, which form a floating ‘landscape’. This landscape gives visitors the opportunity to climb in these nets or to explore the space. The installation refers to biomorphic architecture and urban dream images from previous decades.

Numen / For Use is the design collective of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic. As For Use they are active as product designers for major design companies, while they realize interiors, exhibitions and public spaces as Numen.


Z33 is a house for contemporary art based in Hasselt, Belgium. It is an unique laboratory and meeting place for experiment and innovation. Since its founding in 2002, Z33 produces and shows projects that reflect on societal and scientific evolutions. This is translated into concrete themes in which everyday things play a central role.

  • If I could visit that installation, I would wear a Spiderman costume :3

  • A good idea of installation, where the visitors can become active during the exhibition.

  • Interesting idea for an interactive installation…would be fun to bounce in it aswell!!!

  • Adarsha

    Though it looks scary, i would love to visit it, atleast once. Nice idea for an interactive exhibition. The only problem with the idea is that it might seem boring after sometime…. Even then, it is a very good idea..

  • Greenish

    Can't help wondering why this is classed as an "installation". It is essentially a climbing frame for adults – not that there is anything wrong with that, I think there should be more of them! But still – art? architecture? No. Fun – definitely!

    • Hercule Poirot

      You definitly should go there, it's a nice place. And the famous Hasselt Genebra (gin) museum is literally next door. So : first a couple of gins and then a hilarious climbing moment !
      (But actually I agree with you : if this art, what about the Mona Lisa ?)

  • clide

    Does anyone know the name of the material that’s used? Trying to get some of the netting to do the same in the trees here in Panama.