Dezeen’s top ten: toilets


Dezeen's top ten: toilets

Since our story on the P-Tree urinal that straps to a tree (above, bottom left) was so popular, this month's top ten is all about toilets.

1: readers couldn't handle the glass walls separating kitchen and toilet in Suppose Design Office's house in Nagoya, which comes in first.

2: second most popular is the Tokinokura Lavatories Shimodate by Shuichiro Yoshida Architects, a narrow toilet block built between two historic buildings.

3: this sustainable wash basin-toilet combination by Milanese designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti comes in at number three.

4: our fourth most popular toilet story is Future Studio's series of 17 colourful public restrooms scattered throughout Hiroshima Park.

5: number five is this biodegradable Peepoo bag by Anders Wilhelmson.

6: our latest toilet story on the P-Tree urinals by Dutch designers Aandeboom is at number six.

7: a pointy public toilet by Plastik Architects in Kent, England, is our seventh most popular story.

8: at number eight, we have Royal Flush by Chris Briffa Architects, a public toilet in the former red-light district of Valletta, Malta.

9: this pipe-shaped toilet, dubbed Mrs. Hudson by Ukranian architects 2-B-2, is our ninth most popular story on toilets.

10: finally, a toilet by Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni that includes a heated seat, air dryer and remote control comes in tenth.

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We’ll be back with another top ten next month. Meanwhile you can watch this movie of the P-Tree urinals in use at a festival on Dezeen Screen.

  • Bill

    My favorite is a pair of toilets, side-by-side, in a love-seat configuration. It was the product in a spoof ad on the US television show, Saturday Night Live, many years ago.


  • Those are some nice toilet rooms, and nice cosmetic treatments on the flush toilet, but there's more diversity to toilets than that:

    I would nominate Biolan's dry toilets, especially this one with a sort of sawdust "flush" on the back. beautiful!

  • Can't believe that London's disappearing urinals didn't make the list. They're slick, practical & best of all you're less likely to find that someone has urinated on your tire when you return to your car.

  • I like the Royal Flush by Chris Briffa Architects. hahha it looks so luxurious as a toilet :D