Footwear by Victoria Spruce


Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Show RCA 2011: footwear designer Victoria Spruce presented these sculptural shoes at the Royal College of Art graduate show earlier this month.

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

The collection combines shiny plastic shells with traditional leather soles and matte-leather linings that are revealed as the uppers twist and fold.

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

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Footwear by Victoria Spruce

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Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Here's some more information from Victoria Spruce:

The collection was originally inspired by organic, flowing sculptures, giving the idea that the object could consist of one flowing continuous line and material.

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Through using hard materials and new technologies combined with traditional shoemaking materials and techniques an element of contrast is highly visible yet working together as one.

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Emphasised by the use of tonal matte leathers to line the plastic and traditional leather soles, the contrast between the modern plastic look and the traditional aspects becomes even further evident.

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

The result is a combination of hard and soft, a contrast of matte vs. shine, and an unlikely pairing of modern technology and traditional techniques creating sculptural and fresh new footwear.

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Fashion Womenswear
Specialism: Footwear

Footwear by Victoria Spruce
Supported by: The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers, Richard Paice and Daniel Rubin (RCA Footwear Scholarship).

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

Footwear by Victoria Spruce

  • BCell

    while looking at those aggressively steeping high heels I thank god I'm not a woman!

  • amsam

    These look fabulous– But in this post, as in the THREE previous shoe posts linked, not a single photo of the shoe being worn. This is, to me, deeply a design issue. How a shoe looks on a foot is of the essence. But the consensus is, no feet in the photos. I know why: people become shoe designers not because they love feet, but because they hate them.

  • Kate

    They are more like a piece of jewellery and super extra high :) I love them!

  • Josh V

    here's a thought, how about showing the shoe being worn on an actual foot instead of floating in the fantasy limbo world of white space

    they're pretty and all, but it's hard to tell how realistic they are.

  • Greenish

    for crying out loud… every time, the shoe but no foot in it! can we PLEASE have some photographs of the product actually in use, like we do so often with buildings and landmarks!

  • i2hellfire

    and they say men make women wear ridiculous heels. women seem all too fine to design stupid heels for other women.

  • It would have helped if you had included some photos of women actually WEARING these shoes … or better yet, some video of women actually WALKING in them. My guess is that they would've looked rather ridiculous.

  • zoinked

    Princess Beatrice would love em

  • Campos

    This shoe is very beautiful, but it is made for a shop window. Indeed she cannot be wear more than 1 hour, because it is too high and doesn't respect supports and posture of the women. It forgery in first time to understand the women before making incoherances. otherwise we finish as artist and not as designer.

  • Dee

    i love them!! but agreed about the height…The only one I'd consider buying are the turqoise pair. The flats. The rest are just crazy high, and looks like i'll break my ankles in them. But loving the designs:)

  • luly

    it's too high .i think it' made for a shop window..

  • junihaoni

    lady gaga would wear these , at least on her head.

  • What is this "too high" nonsense? I bet Gaga could pull them off. Call torturous, but I think women should always be in heels, from morning to night, in bed even! And the higher the better!

  • Why wear them? They deserve prominence. Leave them on the coffee table next to the Aldo Rossi Alessi Collection and the Bertil Vallien's Kosta Boda glass pieces!

  • ushees

    Beaautiful,artistic designs but looks like wat I will rather just hv 4 exhibitions not to be worn…

  • just perfectly beautifull !! i wouldn't take them off at all !

  • If the Queen in Alien had to totter about after Sigourney Weaver all day then I'm sure this shoe collection would be on her wish list. Awesome…

  • nicole

    I think they are conceptshoes. (just like concept cars, just showing the good new ideas and are not meant to drive on the everyday roads) And i like the idea of hard/new combined with soft/traditional in such a beautifull way. Looking forward to Victoria`s footwear 2.0!