R-House by Budi Pradono


R-House by Budi Pradono

Cooling pools of water and trees line corridors and rooms inside an Indonesian house by architects Budi Pradono.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Located in the city of Depok, the two-storey R-House steps up from the street to the garden behind, where it surrounds a private terrace and swimming pool.

R-House by Budi Pradono

The glazed elevations that face this rear garden are wrapped by concrete that curves from the floor around to the roof.

R-House by Budi Pradono

This roof is covered by grass and punctured by holes, through which the trees emerge.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Rooms inside the house are partitioned by stone walls and perforated metal screens.

R-House by Budi Pradono

These screens also provide shade below skylights that cover indoor courtyards.

R-House by Budi Pradono

At the lowest level of the house is a sheltered driveway that is accessed from the street and enclosed by metal gates with integrated plant pots.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Indonesian architects Budi Pradono also recently designed a leaning house for Jakarta that we published earlier this week - see the story here.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Other houses on Dezeen designed around trees include an Australian residence surrounding elm and willow trees and a Japanese house with a central garden.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Photography is by FX Bambang SN.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Here’s some more information from the architects:

R-House, Depok Indonesia by Budi Pradono architects

How the house does have a new relation with the nature? Not a rigid segregation. Should we plant trees outside the house?

R-House by Budi Pradono

How if we plant trees inside the house? And become inseparable part from spaces inside the house.

R-House by Budi Pradono

How if the house’ roofs have a new role as a CO2 producer? Or green garden that reduce heat?

R-House by Budi Pradono

Cohabitation is the main theme of this design of the house in which in the front side directly connecting to the neighbor and surrounding environment, this building is only in the form of verandah/porch such as local traditional house, in which people can make social interaction more easily.

R-House by Budi Pradono
Its façade design also constitutes interpretation of local ornament, by displaying colors only on glasses.

R-House by Budi Pradono

In the rear side of building where the family gets together, its façade is made more fluid, unfolding.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Its interior has special relations to the nature, outdoor and indoor has new relations. Bathroom is designed wider and more comfortable to remain using gadget as communication device.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Since the homeowner has an adventurous hobby then the entire building has a water element both outside and inside the building, as the reflecting pond to the swimming pool.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Shadow becomes a tool to indicate movement from one room to another room. It is shown perforated metal and with local pours stone. So the natural lighting from the sun can go into the house at all times with the intensity and different direction.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Three large trees planted in the house to demonstrate a new spirit of closeness with nature.

R-House by Budi Pradono

Project title: R-House
Client: R A
Location: Tanah Baru, Depok
Design Stage: September 2008 - March 2009
Construction Stage: April 2009 - June 2011

R-House by Budi Pradono

Architect: Budi Pradono
Architect firm: Budi Pradono Architects
Project Architect in Chief: Budi Pradono
Architect Assistants: Adhi Wibowo, Anton Suryono Adryan Fernando Hutagaol, Rina Nur Aisah, Adam M Prana
Assistant Archictects Support: Angga Setia Kurniawan, Silmi Cahya Pradini, Maria Olivia Sohuat, Yegar Adi Shakti, Ajay Misty, Ian Flood, Primaldi Perdana

R-House by Budi Pradono

Model Maker: Daryanto
Structure Engineering: Suhartoyo, PT. Toyo Chaya Konstruksi
MEP Consultant EngineerL Imam, PT. Metrik Tata Sarana
Landscape Design: Heri Syaefudin, Gon ku Landscape
MEP Cotractor: ADi Jaya Tekmik

R-House by Budi Pradono

Interior Design: Budi Pradono
Interior Contractor: Tana Lupiana, LUNATE
Civil Contractor: Hartono & Team
Project Manager: Whaid Udin, PT. Din Konplus

R-House by Budi Pradono

Land Area: 1791 m²
Building Coverage: 796 m²
Build Area: 1047 m²
Total Building Area: 1843 m²

R-House by Budi Pradono

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  • This is amazing living trees and living enviroment integrated as one..a living dream.

  • Michael

    Perfect… to kill the trees!

    In my opinion, trees should always be outside.

    Can't really understand some architects ideas about integration with nature.

    • Takara

      Probably because nature was there first.

    • fivedollarshake

      not to mention all the ants they'll have in the kitchen ;)

      • H-J

        That's just extra proteins…bugs are the future!

  • Danae Alvarado

    Our labor as architects it's, firstable respect always respect the nature…play with the nature, and this building is a great example…

  • robotica

    this is the positive opposition of Indonesian cemetary favela….my respect and condolences

  • Ummm

    I hope they have some cleaning ladies that do all the work…

  • Like the idea…..,

    Perhaps, if we could design and facilitate the tree growth in the building it would be nicer……., so it could add a new perception for people that plant also can grow in the building…., I mean entire plant, not only the stem but also the branches and leaves.

    On other side it would become part of interior and spatial experience for the user.

    I think "nothing is impossible with engineering"



  • bahlul

    don't think that the owner like it,,:D
    what about the effect from the raining? ,,

    useless i think,,:P

  • Dee

    What happens when it rains? Not talking about the ones along the corridor/walkways. There's seems to be two right smack in the middle of maybe a living room..Just curious. Or did i miss something

    • Sander

      I was wondering as well. You can't tell from the interior photo's but from the exterior picture showing the roof it seems the skylight is sealed with a sort of plastic… Would be interesting to see some details.

      nice project btw

  • roel

    You can see it all in this house: wood, concrete, tiles, stone, steel, glass, plastics, water, trees, and so on and so on. Difficult to make a choice..

  • taw

    I think the owner should grow something to crawl all over the exterior wall. Maybe it helps to cover the dirt.