Catchbowl by Torafu Architects


Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

Japanese studio Torafu Architects have designed a lidded bowl that can be split into two parts and mounted on the wall as shelves.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

A quarter segment of the Catchbowl provides a shelf for the inside corner of a room, while the remaining part can be hung around a column edge.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

The bowl has a sycamore veneer with a pattern of radiating triangles on the lid.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

Torafu Architects also designed a set of paper hooks that look like curled pieces of adhesive tape - see all our stories about Torafu Architects here.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

Photography is by Kenpo.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

The following information is from Torafu Architects:


We proposed a shelf, focusing on corners, which inevitably exist in every room. When a hemisphere is divided into a quarter and three quarters, the quarter snugly fits into a concave corner and the three quarters onto a convex corner.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

Based on this idea, we created a joyful and lightsome shelf that allows the user to adjust its height and also use it as a bowl to enjoy putting things in it just like playing a ball toss game in an athletics festival.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

On the lid and at the bottom of the bowl, the radial patterns made by the alternately inverted wood grain of the shiny sycamore sliced veneer seem like twinkling stars.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

By splitting into two parts, this bowl catches edges and catches things to become little shelves in the corners of a familiar room. When one part catches its counterpart, they become one whole bowl again.

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

Principle use: shelf
Production: Tanseisha Co., Ltd.
Material: Bent plywood, Sycamore, Stainless steel, magnet
Size: 400 mm
Design Period: 2010.04 - 2011.06
Production period: 2011.06 - 2011.07

  • iasara

    Brilliant ! simple , practical ….

  • Bernard

    I can see this will be really useful next time I need a bowl that can split in half and be mounted on the wall as a shelf.

    • David

      Bernnie?…. do I detect a little sarcasm here? Humm?

  • felix

    the wood grain is so beautiful.

  • Miss M

    Only from Japan…

    It seems to me that it would be better marketed as a shelf with optional storage space (assuming it can handle the load of both things on top & inside).

  • hana

    so clever.i want them in all different sizes throughout my house.

  • ysl

    When architects try to design…

  • Dangleberry

    I think the 3/4 shelf will be ok, but the 1/4 shelf will surely just pivot on the two fixing points?

  • It's art, not design! Near-functionless, impractical but beautiful.

    • mike

      my god that's a stupid comment. how is it functionless? its a shelf and a wall mounted bowl! alot of things get branded as Art, but this is design, 100 percent. If it is Art it is really bad art. If it is design its really nice design, that has a couple of issues to resolve. Please don't use the word Art to describe design that doesn't work functionally.

  • it is beautiful but im not too sure of the practically of it ? how are the top of the shelf segments supported at the back ? or can you only put weight on the front ?