Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design


Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design

London Design Festival 2011: Hungarian studio A+Z Design will present these cute lamps with squashed heads at Tent London during the London Design Festival next month.

Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design

Called Pillhead, the desk and floor lamps have a powder-coated stainless steel frame and anodised aluminium shades.

Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design

Tent London takes place 22-25 September 2011 at the Old Truman Brewery London E1.

Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design

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Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design

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Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design

Here are some more details and a nice story from A+Z Design:

Return to the Source / senUFO - originals.

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Imagine a happier story then the film "District 9".

Once upon a time there was an UFO floating above Africa, somewhere between the South of Mali and Ivory Coast. The aliens seeing that the locals have no furniture whatsoever, tried to approach them friendly with design. The locals have never seen such objects before, they started wondering what the strange metal and clean colours were. The metal was Aluminium and the colours were CMYK the four basic colours.

After the aliens left the locals started copying these objects out of wood. This is how Senufo tribal carving has become known to the world.

Hungarian design duo a+z design was founded 2009 by Attila F. Kovacs and Zsuzsa Megyesi. Attila + Zsuzsa teamed up after several successful common interior design work to produce their own furniture and lighting collections.

Attila studied architecture and design and spent over ten years in the film industry, designing sets for feature films, operas and commercials . His bar, restaurant and museum designs in Budapest are award-winning and have been featured in renowned international designed publications. Attila also worked as production designer for the movie Bel Ami, starring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci.

Zsuzsa studied art history and aesthetics and started her career as art curator. Living in Los Angeles her interest turned to interior design and styling. She worked for several feature and commercial films. After years of working for art and design magazines as design editor and interior stylist she became art director of STILUS Magazine.

Pillhead floor lamp
h: 168cm w: 36cm d: 43cm
stainless steel frame, powder coated paint,
anodized aluminium head,

Pillhead table lamp
h: 68cm w: 26cm d: 33cm
stainless steel frame, powder coated paint,
anodized aluminium head,

  • lisa byrd

    I love these lamps! They have personalities that seem to communicate!

  • i relly like these they have somewhat of a alien feel to them .

  • masur

    look like James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and Mike Wazowski :)

  • gab xiao

    the most lovable lamps I have seen in years! They are full of expression, and somehow feel them connected to the 30's-40's industrial/military aesthetics. Who is distributing them in the US, please?

  • Those lamps are so cool, there is so much character in each one! :)

  • Are these lamps actually real?

    They look like CG images to me!?!