Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners


Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners

Here are some new images of the Apple campus by architects Foster + Partners, to be built in Cupertino, California.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners

The hoop-shaped office building will be located a few blocks away from Apple's existing headquarters and will accommodate up to 13,000 employees.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

The campus will provide office, research and development facilities, as well as a company fitness centre, a cafe and a 1000-seat auditorium.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners

A circular park for staff is proposed for the centre of the building.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners

Two further buildings will provide additional research facilities, whilst an onsite power plant will provide the majority of electricity for the campus.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners

Dezeen announced that Norman Foster was working on designs for the Apple campus back in December - see our earlier Dezeen Wire.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners

Other projects this year by Foster + Partners include an Abu Dhabi shopping centre that combines high-end boutiques with independent local food and craft markets and headquarters for Moroccan bank BMCE in Morocco - see all our stories about Foster + Partners here.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster + Partners

The following project details are from the architects:

Apple Campus 2

Project Overview

Apple proposes to create Apple Campus 2 - an integrated 21st century campus surrounded by green space.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

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This new development will provide a serene and secure environment reflecting Apple's values of innovation, ease of use and beauty.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

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The state-of-the-art office, research and development facilities include strategies to minimize energy demand, reduce car travel and increase the use of reclaimed water.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

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The single building comprises approximately 2.8 million square feet over four stories.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

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Campus amenities will include a striking café within the main building, a separate corporate fitness center and a corporate auditorium seating 1,000 people. Parking will be provided under the main building and in one multi-story parking structure along the 280 Freeway.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

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The Campus will feature an on-site low carbon Central Plant situated along the 280 Freeway that will supply the majority of the power needed for the Campus.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

In addition, research facilities comprising approximately 300,000 square feet will be located east of North Tantau Avenue. These buildings will house technical support functions that need to be located adjacent to the main building.

Apple Campus 2 by Foster Partners

Project Objectives

The objectives of the proposed project are to:

  • To maximize efficiency and convenience to Apple's employees, develop a news campus in close proximity to Apple's Infinite Loop Campus.
  • Create a new campus that provides for co-location of services and consolidation of employees in a single distinctive office, research and development building, thereby promoting shared creativity and collaboration, reducing the overall building footprint on the site, and maximizing the amount of landscaped green space.
  • Create a physically unified campus community that respects Apple's security needs (in part through perimeter protection), improves internal circulation and eliminates unnecessary access points by consolidating the existing properties within the campus.
  • Optimize the site design to balance cut and fill operations to the maximum extent practicable and create a grading plan that accommodates the single distinctive building design.
  • Respond to Apple's current and future business needs with a campus plan that maximizes employee use and incorporates design and use flexibility to respond to future business needs.
  • Minimize the reliance on electricity provided by the grid by generating a significant amount of the Campus's energy needs at an on-site Central Plant.
  • Accommodate up to 13,000 employees.
  • Provide an expanse of open and green space for Apple employees' enjoyment.
  • Create a distinctive and inspiring 21st Century workplace.
  • Exceed economic, social, and environmental sustainability goals through integrated design and development.

Owner: Apple, Inc.
Architect: Foster + Partners
Engineer: ARUP
Planning Consultant: Kier & Wright

  • abaum

    my god! – this is the Windows 95 of architecture – 260.000m2 of unfathomable blandness. Imagine it had a soundtrack – it could be used for psychological warfare. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • ibmx

    All round structures have negative and stagnant energy and will not go forward.

    Look at the Congress building or any other round structure fron the past………all Stagnant!……………best form: A rectangle with North Orintation.
    Short APPL when they move in this building !

  • cvduring

    It looks alot like the UEFA building in Nyon Switzerland but much bigger!….

  • michael nemirsky


    Microsoft or even google maybe, but not Apple. Where is the magic?

  • Super elegant design. Beautiful in its dramatic simplicity –

  • diana

    For gods sakes you guys are such judgemental bores. It hasn't even been built , you have minimal information and NONE of you have been inside or experienced it … The Colosseum and The Pantheon would have looked like this on plan and would you have said the same ? I am not an expert but I do know Fosters and Arup can deliver.

  • Patrick

    Given the pedigree of Apple's product designs I find the concept and design a disappointment. You would have thought that the strong Apple design ethos would have created an opportunity for an exciting, emblematic structure. And I totally agree with comments above about the impracticality of the distances travelled to get to the other side of the building. What a missed opportunity!

  • Tommy

    This is like Apple have to do it … an new way !

    Back in time the most famous textile producer in Denmark made a production building like this in Herning Denmark.

    I will always love the round shape !

    Congratulation Foster and Apple !

  • Should have got SANAA on board, would have been much more interesting.

  • Meslier

    well, what surroundings does this building ignore? An square plan to build in, rounded by roads….
    See the value of the Swiss Re Building. It's not on the treatment of the surroundings…

  • gregory

    it's not bad but it's mot an Apple headquarters either…
    Foster + partners?… especially when now it is only partners. Why not use John Pawson or Richard Meier & Partners ?
    I wonder what dose jonathan I've thinks about this building?))

  • Jiya David Y.

    this design looks more like a fancy wrist watch in the making

  • kou

    does foster use apple?

  • Maybe there will be an 'iTransport' device for employees to travel around with..

  • I think it fits Apple perfectly, minimalist, logical and beautiful.

    I think there is a rational behind the shape too, a new infinite loop!

  • Expediteplanb

    I always thought that Apple was trying to redesign the wheel, not propagate it. Thumbs down. My iPhone is now angry and will self-destruct in 3…2…

  • shayma alneaimi

    nise simple but i dont thik that it reflect apple at all .
    the building have a brivesy since it has as a cort yard in side and that increase the securety for the building .

  • Simple, handsome, elegant.

    I particularly the like the inner core woodland area.

    Nice if the roof can be used as a jogging track and picnic zone, up there level with the tree canopy.

  • simple, handsome, elegant = predictable.
    Still, at least it looks good.

  • Jason

    45 foot glass panes, 96 sections. Only one company in the world can manufacture. It's actually quite the feat.

  • Kristy

    What the building looks like is beyond the point. Apple is doing some SERIOUS innovations in their strategies to be more “green” truly from the ground up. Their techniques to decrease their footprint is impressive. Their request for recycled water, for example is pushing a huge recycled water expansion plan in Sunnyvale along. With the drought currently occurring in the California this is a huge step int he right direction. If only more companies would watch their “footprint” as well.