Nipple lights by Naama Arbel


Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

These lamps are turned on when you pull their nipples.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

The felt pieces by designer Naama Arbel have silicon covers over the switches and LED light source.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

The switches must be pulled outwards to turn the lamps on and pushed inwards to turn them off.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

Arbel designed the series while studying at Seminar Hakibbutzim in Israel.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

Here's some more information from the designer:

The series is composed of five different amorphous and geometries creatures.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

The objects suggest different approach to the interaction of human with lighting. This new approach emphasises the human touch, the game and the sensual experience to intensify the general experience.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

The product is handmade and produced using traditional felt techniques.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

Those objects, which are made of felt, take us back to our childhood games and our basic needs. The light creatures awaken by touch. They are activated by stretching the silicon nipple which activates the lighting mechanism. Leaving the nipple will result turning it off.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

The lightning mechanism which was developed for this project is built from combining “REVEL” LEDs and an electronic device that controls the lightning volume.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

The device is connected by wire to the silicon nipple. When pulling the nipple the wire is stretched and activates the light volume control.

Nipple lights by Naama Arbel

  • Simon

    this is wrong in so many ways…!

    • Naama

      Dear Simon, I'm the designer of this project. and have to say that I'm very proud of it and not by chance it has been chosen to be exhibit at the next design exhibition in Israel. This is a design site, and I wish you could try and write some real and more mature response than what I see here.
      Just to clarify, the correct name of the products is "Light Creatures" and not "Nipple Creatures".. and its refers to the sensory interaction of the human with light objects, which mostly is cold and not experiential. This project may blinks a little to more feminine touch, and as a woman (no I'm not a man) I find this "light switch" humorous and yet most suitable.
      Next time I suggest you'll choose to write wiser remarks. sincerely

  • tanyatelford

    oh come on guys who has designed this?

    • maor

      the designer's name is of a woman, did you think Naama is a man? lol
      I think its a brave idea. go for it man, or woman :)

  • tanyatelford

    it has to be a joke right?

  • Henk

    Note to designer/self: not every idea is a good one…

  • What next, penis shaped soap dispensers that dispense soap when you squeeze the fake testicles? This is neither art, nor function.

    • naama

      Not only this comment is written in bad taste, but also not relies on the facts of the project. If you have read the text, and I assume you haven't, you would realise that the "Light Creatures" are by all means functional and unique in the light design field. I can add that it's electronic device is powered by recharged battery and can be held anywhere outside.
      Think first and then write!

      • You assume too much mate. Of course I read the text, and it baffles me that something so ridiculous is made to sound ethereal and intellectually stimulating.
        "Those objects, which are made of felt, take us back to our childhood games and our basic needs. The light creatures awaken by touch."
        There are far more artistically and intellectually stimulating ways to execute your chain of thought. I'm sorry if I offended you, but this is a shameful mockery of product design. Period.

        • galia

          you are so way off dude.. I know the designer and I can see why this subject is rising so much interest, but the fact is that higher people than you in the design field chose this project to be exhibited at design exhibition that took place few days ago. Maby this is your opinion and maby you share it with more people that have trouble in this subject, and its a shame because we are adults.. look at your profile picture before you write stuff down, trying to look seriuos! I have news for you- you donwt get to decide what is good product design.. PERIOD…

  • edward

    What happens if you suck on them?

    • Zeemmee

      Oh Yes' Suck em, bite em, & get electricuted!! :) :) :)

  • A huge Cronenberg fan, no doubt. Did he design this iPhone charger as well?

    • That is now officially the scariest looking device I have ever seen. @__@

  • I would love to use the iPhone smasher here :)

  • zahi h

    this is just sick

  • frankoc

    "take us back to our childhood games" "and our basic needs"
    man, you are sick dude, i don't know what childhood games you played and I actually don't want to know about your "basic needs"!!!

    • naama

      First I'm not a dude… I'm a woman.
      Secondly, seriously you're writing this? You see something that contains scent of
      sexually and you loose your mind and your ability to write a mature comment? I hope you are not one of those guys who ruins every movie watching with friends when he sees a bra ;)

  • Deb

    this is highly disturbing…I wonder whos the target customer…and I really hope no one even attempts to outdo this…

  • awesome! anything that might help us americans get through our sexual dysfunction, i'm ALL FOR IT.

  • Morgan Geist

    Well, at least I can say, this has never been done before.

  • memo

    Mmmm…..alien boob instead ???

  • caid


  • nico

    the guy looks completely enamored with teasing the blob's nipples. at least it looks like he's being gentle.

  • Oskar S.

    I hope this design is just for having a repercussion on medias, because the truth is that objectively are sexist and worthless "products" in terms of design and art. As a designer, it is offensive to disclose such meaningful occurrences.
    Certainly, if the objective was creating a discussion, the mission is totally accomplished!

    • Naama Arbel

      I appreciate your sincere comment, and would like to say that I understand your point of view, but as a woman I think that sexist is not a bad word, maby in the future it will be sexist to breast feeding because it's not comfortable for some eyes? I agree that this is not hardcore product design but that is the beauty of it. Something happens when you touch this creature, it comes to life by touch, and each one of them had designed for other grasping. these creatures are from the third field of design, more abstract one, and one that is more new to read. Thank you

  • tom de vrieze
    • Geez, my bad. That's it, I'm designing a tampon packet shaped like a vagina.

  • it's a little awful.

  • Liberty

    Seriously? Cheesy, poorly designed and executed.

  • PeeWeen

    I dont find this in any way perverted, BUT it is just soooo ugly!

  • Yes some of the best artist are outrageous but they are also clever, this is pritty senseless, although I do appreciate the need to try and be different

  • xtiaan

    OMG! Its the ideal lighting solution (if you happen to be living in one of those organic looking spray foam domes they did in the 60's)
    Im all for exploring the human/machine interface and the inevitable blurring of the two, but calling this a "nipple" is like calling anything taller than it is broad a phallus. Does the designer actually possess a functioning pair of nipples? Seriously, enquiring minds need to know….

    • Man-nipple

      The artist appears to be male. Purely out of interest, what function would his nipples perform??

      • reut

        the designer is female

    • Naama Arbel

      They are not called nipples, its a biggggg mistake of the publish… they are called Light Creatures :) but I'm contented to see what an echo my project has created here.

  • Johnny

    I wonder if the light gets brighter when it's cold out?

    • I would like you to follow through on that design brief. LOL
      Turns blue in the cold.

  • These are skillfully accomplished with thoughtfulness. Grotesque and beautiful; playful and serious. I feel sick looking at them but strangely drawn to their glowing warmth. Great job on these pieces.

  • Melba

    Are we really that prudish here? If that is the artist in the photos, he can turn me on and see what the real thing really look like,

  • gil

    its a very intersting project
    i think that to combine diffrent kinds of worlds is the target of designers
    if as a designer we wont innovate new things
    so what is the purpose of us?
    i think its very imaginative and looks intresting!

  • maayan

    I think you all just over reacting and you missing the main idea which is a harmless and cute creatures, and all because a piece of silicon shape as a nipple.
    You are the one with the twisted mind and not the designer.

  • naama arbel
    The light really changes by the touch.

    • RARA

      Haha did you Photoshop that to make it seem like it’s giving out more light? You did, didn’t you?

  • ioana

    This project makes me think of fairy tales and magic woodlands. I absolutely love the (possible) link to the human body. I wish that more designers made objects so unprejudiced and courageous.

  • Dustin

    I agree with Maayan and other posters – I think those of you who are finding offense in this are the ones with a problem. How is pulling a nipple an act of perversion anyway? Get over it.

    I think the lights are interesting, and the idea is amusing. I wouldn't necessarily use them in my home but I still think they're neat.

  • Kasper Kjærsgaard

    How can anyone feel sick by a lamp? Or for that matter, A Boob? Look around, there's dick's and tits everywhere. Most of us have at least one of them, so how this can be perverted, takes the moral and lack of common sense of an American to figure that out!

  • jay

    Further to earlier comments, who are these designed for?? They're too weird for any normal person and it seems they freak ladies out. Odd. Different and intriguing though.