i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW


i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

Car brand BMW will present two sustainable concept cars under their new BMW i sub-brand at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

The BMW Concept i3 is the first premium electric plug-in city car, while the i8 Concept is a hybrid plug-in and combustion engine sports car.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

i3 and i8 production models will be available from 2013.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

Past BMW concept cars include the textile covered, shape-shifting GINA and Vision EfficientDynamics.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

We filmed an interview with BMW designer Nader Faghihzadeh earlier this year - watch it on Dezeen Screen.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

The Frankfurt Motor Show takes place 15-25 September.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

Here's some text from BMW:

BMW at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

The mobility of the future requires a new balance between global requirements and the needs of the individual. Solutions are needed to provide individual but above all, sustainable mobility. The BMW Group recognised this need and now presents vehicles under the sub-brand BMW i which open new avenues, specifically responding to changing customer needs and combining inspiring design and a new perception of the term premium, strongly characterised by sustainability. BMW i takes a holistic, all-encompassing approach: with its customised vehicle concepts, sustainability defining the entire the value chain and supplementary mobility services, BMW i is rewriting the concept of individual mobility.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

Two remarkable vehicle concepts.

The BMW i sub-brand presents two special concept vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA): the BMW i3 Concept and the BMW i8 Concept. They demonstrate how the future of sustainable and yet dynamic mobility might look. While the BMW i3 Concept is purely electrically powered and thus optimally equipped for the city, the plug-in hybrid model BMW i8 Concept combines the strengths of both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, delivering a high level of dynamic performance.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

The BMW i3 Concept, which was dubbed the Megacity Vehicle during the development stage, precisely defines as the first purely electrically powered BMW Group production car the future challenges of mobility in urban environments. And as the first premium electric vehicle it interprets the pioneering attributes typical of the BMW brand. With four seats, doors which open wide from the middle of the vehicle, a luggage capacity of around

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

200 litres and an additional compartment, the BMW i3 Concept has proven to be ideal for everyday use.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

Configured as a 2+2 seater, the BMW i8 Concept presents itself as a sports car of the latest generation: progressive, intelligent and innovative. Its unique plug-in hybrid design combines an internal combustion engine and an electric drive, resulting in an exceptional driving experience – with extremely low fuel consumption and emissions.

i3 Concept and i8 Concept by BMW

  • Even though every element seems to be fighting for my attention, the i8 actually has some nice surfaces. But I think they forgot that some people need to have a scratch, and transparent doors aren't going to do any favors there.

    Anyway… a worthy experiment. It will be interesting to see how different the production models end up.

  • super sleek

    <sigh> thank you B.M.W….

  • alexandrufleseriu

    they look less like cars and more like insects

  • Marilyn

    I love them. I like the idea of a lot of visibility—no blind spots. Sleek and sexy, even for a hybrid 4 door. I say bring it on!! Wife of a former race car driver and interior designer.

  • I don't much care for the i8 sports car, it's a little too flash for my taste. But the i3 is just cute as hell. I'd love to have one. It'll probably be WAY out of my price range.

  • cześć

    I've got no idea why all those people admire it so strongly…

    • doh

      Erm, because they like it maybe?

  • Roscco

    I wish they'd have the balls to put something as striking as this straight into production, please BMW!

  • edward

    Entirely too busy in all respects…but of course it is a concept car. BMW should hedge its bets with a genuine rethink of the volks car. For their consideration, the one that Ford was too bureaucratic to pursue:

  • It’s a great news that Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW i8 is coming alive. I expect that to have excellent features and performance that is going to change the motoring world.

  • Ijoj

    Good Job…

    By the Way…the Designer of the BMW i3 Concept are Richard Kim (Exterieur Design), Daniel Hahn & Markus Speck (inferior Design).

  • The i8 has definitely caught my eye. It is a combo of an exclusive and sleek design with an exceptional engine capacity. It provides the experience of driving a sports car while staying economical on the fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. As for the i3, it is most certainly a very practical car for daily family use while cutting costs on the fuel consumption. That means more money to spend on groceries instead!

  • BMW is the popular luxury car maker in the world. It is quite famous for its stylish luxurious models. People always prefer this brand. The BMW Concept i3 is the first premium electric plug-in city car, while the i8 Concept is a hybrid plug-in and combustion engine sports car. These cars are very beautiful to look and will be appreciated by all.