Bulb by Minimalux

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Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

London Design Festival 2011: British designer Mark Holmes presents a lamp shaped like an incandescent bulb for his design brand Minimalux in London this week.

Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

Called Bulb, the product comprises a hand-blown opal glass orb and a brass stand where the cable enters. It features a CFL light source and will be available, with or without dimmer, from tomorrow.

Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

Known for simplified objects that are precisely crafted, Minimalux launched in 2009 with a range of desk accessories, egg cups and jewellery boxes made of solid brass coated in silver and gold. At last year's London Design Festival they presented a collection of desktop objects in anodised aluminium.

Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

The lamp is on show at 1901 bar at the Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7QN until 25 September.

Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

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Photographs are by Peer Lindgreen.

The information below is from Minimalux:

Minimalux Launches Bulb

Following the theme of its previous online launches, The British design brand will present ‘Bulb’ and make it available for immediate purchase at www.minimalux.com on Friday, September 23rd at 09:00 hrs.

As the name suggests this new table lamp pays homage to the shape and materiality of the familiar, but soon to be obsolete, incandescent light bulb. In thanks and recognition for all its hard work over the last century, Minimalux now frees it from its customary upright and operational mode and allows it to rest on its side, relax and enjoy its retirement.

Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

The lamp is fully compliant with a varied and fast changing array of energy saving light bulbs, whilst housing them in a form that subtly reminds us of their heritage and evolution.

Bulb is made from hand blown opal glass with a machined brass stem and cable entry. It comes equipped with a highly efficient, compact fluorescent light source providing 10000 hours of life. Offered with or without dimmer it is priced from £185 - £235.

Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

Bulb illuminates 1901

As a preview to the online release of Bulb, the product can now be viewed at the 1901 bar of the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel until Sunday Sept 25th.

The classic interior of 1901 provides an appropriate context for this new lighting design. From the dawn of the 20th Century, light bulbs have been a familiar feature in our living and working environments. The 1901 bar was completed in the year of its name - a lifespan shared by the iconic Bulb that Minimalux has chosen to pay homage to.

Bulb by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

1901, Andaz Hotel,
40 Liverpool Street,
London EC2M 7QN

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