Today at Dezeen Platform: Stewy



Dezeen Platform: east London street artist Stewy joins us at our micro-exhibition Dezeen Platform at Dezeen Space today. Watch a movie about this project here.


His work focusses on an A to Z of indigenous British animals, created in no particular order.


His imagery has progressed from small black and white pigeons, first made in 2007, to his most recent work, a 6ft high white horse.


Stewy will stencil an animal onto the plinth, then exhibit the framed stencil on top.


Stewy's work can be found in London, Brighton, Hastings, Birmingham and Manchester.


Each day, for 30 days, a different designer will use a one metre by one metre space to exhibit their work at Dezeen Space. See the full lineup for Dezeen Platform here.


More about Dezeen Space here and more about the London Design festival here.


Dezeen Space

17 September - 16 October
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

54 Rivington Street,
London EC2A 3QN

  • Lovely shots & Looking forward to your micro exhibition, exciting!

  • drewcore

    Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I dont get it… Banksy wanna-be? or has Banksy given himself a different pseudonym?

  • Rok

    Bankys is considered as copycat too :)))

  • whatever

    what is there not to like here? Not Banksy nor a wanna-be as this is not Banksys style! It is what it is – fun. It makes you smile when you see these animals on our grotty london streets.

  • sydoniamuncy

    love the pigeon