Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners


Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners have unveiled designs for an new international airport in Kuwait.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

Each terminal will have three symmetrical wings, with each facade spanning 1.2 kilometers.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

The airport will accommodate 13 million passengers a year, with the possibility to expand for 50 million passengers.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

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Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

Here's some more information from Foster + Partners:

Designs unveiled for Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait International Airport is planned to significantly increase capacity and establish a new regional air hub in the Gulf – the project’s strategic aims will be matched by a state-of-the-art terminal building, which will provide the highest levels of comfort for passengers and will set a new environmental benchmark for airport buildings. Its design is rooted in a sense of place, responsive to the climate of one of the hottest inhabited environments on earth and inspired by local forms and materials.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

The terminal has a trefoil plan, comprising three symmetrical wings of departure gates. Each façade spans 1.2 kilometres and all extend from a dramatic 25-metre-high central space. The terminal balances the enclosure of this vast area with a design that is highly legible at a human scale – for simplicity and ease of use there are few level changes.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

To further aid orientation, the building is planned under a single roof canopy, punctuated by glazed openings that filter daylight, while deflecting direct solar radiation. The canopy extends to shade a generous entrance plaza and is supported by tapering concrete columns – their fluid, organic forms draw inspiration from the contrast between the solidity of the stone and the shape and movement of Kuwait’s traditional dhow sailing boats.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

The project targets LEED ‘gold’ – it aims to be the first passenger terminal in the world to attain this level of environmental accreditation. The concrete structure provides thermal mass and the roof incorporates a large expanse of photovoltaic panels to harvest solar energy.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners has designed a flexible masterplan for the site, with the terminal strategically located to anticipate and enable future expansion. The airport will initially accommodate 13 million passengers per year, with the flexibility to increase to 25 million passengers and to accommodate 50 million passengers with further development.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

Mouzhan Majidi, Chief Executive of Foster + Partners, commented: “The scale of the airport shows Kuwait’s great foresight in recognising the benefits of strategic investment in future infrastructure. The environmental ambitions driving the project are equally impressive.

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

We are pleased to have this opportunity to reveal our designs. The emblematic three-winged form will be as memorable from the air as from the ground – a new symbol of contemporary Kuwait, which resonates with its rich culture and history.”

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

Nikolai Malsch, a partner at Foster + Partners, said: “We look forward to continuing to work with the Ministry of Public Works and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Kuwait on the planning and design of the new airport. We have established an excellent working relationship with our client – we have a shared goal to create a terminal that is an exemplar of sustainable design and will establish Kuwait as the region’s leading air hub.”

Kuwait International Airport by Foster + Partners

  • Shmuck

    JFK 2….but in line with the Godfather

  • EAH

    Beautiful proposal for a new airport in the middle east. Great combination of vernacular, sustainable and technological elements. It is always hard to create a compelling massive airport. But this proposal by F+P is definitively in the right direct. Congratulations!

  • eddie


    haters please abstain

  • hang on a sec…

    Beijing with turbans.

  • Philippe

    Can see some similarity with the Barcelona Airport Terminal 1? http://vigilandolat1.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/

  • Ingenious design for an airport, but it looks like a Cylon Basestar has crashed in the desert.

  • kou

    first i thought it was a copy of beijing
    but looking at the interior my mind changed
    amazing work

  • Anton

    I do like the light openings at the ceiling but the ceiling looks a bit too high at some spaces. Although this airport is well designed and it is definitely conceptual.

  • dng

    Much more impressive than Calatrava's and hopefully more functional and reliable.

  • Pnar

    nicely combined lines, material and vision.. Would be nice to see in real.

  • asfasfa

    The exterior view is mediocre and tipical but i m digging the inside with its cave look alike arch

  • DMK

    Sorry…can't comment on the predictable design…too busy soaking in all the irony of the possibility of LEED "Gold" status being conferred upon a pair of massive buildings serving jet airliners for a client that can only afford such extravagance because it pumps petroleum from the ground and sells it to the world to burn.

    Mmmmmm…irony…it's like…gold!

    • Jeff

      well put … however leed aside, this still feels like one project that has been well articulated in terms of material choices

      but well put

  • R.A

    nicely designed airport, i like the way that Foster & partner's always thinking of sustainable designs. And in general i love the sky light & openings in the roof because of the dramatic affect they give to the interior but unfortunately they dont work in the middle east region because of the heat + the large glass panels windows, they increase leaking of heat inside the building.

  • Najo

    Such an amazing proposal for an airport in the middle east ! very interesing to see one like that. Great combination of sustainable and technological elements. I really like its outside shape and how it fits perfectly with the airplanes. Also, i like the openings in the celing from the inside.

  • Paul

    I like the 'sea of oil' floors!

  • All terminal buildings look good when they're brand new. Come back in five years when it's full of shops and then it will look like alllllllllllll the others.

    • archi

      Mmmm.. cheap whisky…

  • abunuha

    just like beijing's airport?? only middle easternized???

  • Airport designs are becoming more and more weird. Guess architectures are trying to make an impression by building them differently. Check out the new Gibraltar Airport: simple but yet has great looks: http://www.gibbook.com/magazine.html