City Music
by Akko Goldenbeld


Dutch Design Week 2011: Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Akko Goldenbeld has made a model of the city that plays the piano.

City Music by Akko Goldenbeld

The towers in the city centre make louder sounds than the low villas in the south as buildings on the revolving wooden cylinder set little hammers in motion to play the piano keys.

Photo is by René van der Hulst.

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  • hahaha, i was hoping it wouldn't also sound like the city

  • bbb

    very bad ergonomics on this one..look at the guys bent back when turning the wheel, that is not a healthy working position.

  • Juan

    I like the idea but i found that metallic noise really annoying :p

  • michelle

    of course it's a funny idea but it doesn't really seem well-considered. what about the speed of playing that piano? what if more cities would play together? and how does the scale relate to sound? the project lacks depth i think….

  • Carl

    A LITTLE WD40 PLEASE. I’m disappointed…