New City by Galit Barak


New City by Galit Barak

These rings by jewellery designer Galit Barak of Israel create rectilinear frames around the wearer's fingers. 

New City by Galit Barak

Called New City, the series of rings and brooches features rough-cut stones framed by rectangles and protruding from the side or between fingers.

New City by Galit Barak

Barak created the collection while studying at Shenkar College for Engineering and Design.

New City by Galit Barak

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New City by Galit Barak

The details below are from Galit Barak:

Series of brooches and rings featuring characteristic from gravestones and blocs diagrams of military cemeteries, corresponded with Agi Mishol poem "Farewell".

New City by Galit Barak

Geometric constructions carry classic and rough cut stones in its inner space. The choice to use inner spaces and repeating form enables to break the boundaries of classic jewellery.

New City by Galit Barak

Created during the course "Jewel Writes" by Professor Dganit Stern Schocken, Jewelry Design Department, Shenkar Collage for Engineering and Design.

New City by Galit Barak

Materials: Silver plated Alpaca, Onyx, Jasper, Tourmalinated Quartz

  • The perfect gift for your secretary… NOT!

    On the other hand (he!) the 4th pic shows that this contraption is perfect for a little game of bean soccer ;)

  • No mans hand

    There's design and there's going out of your way to be different! As Steve jobs put it : design isn't only about what it looks like, it's also about how it works!! Come on does it work

  • François

    Certainly this guy hasn't studied design! I think he's far from it… These are things gadgets, especially the 3rd pic which is literally a handicap because he's blocking 2 fingers, anyway I like Dezeen for its tolerance…

  • Pradeep

    The best designs are those that are functional. This is just a useless curiosity.

  • Roka007

    M sorry but have to comment : this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen!

  • onvn

    steve jobs is right in saying design is also about how things work. but that's HIS view.

    i think we all should appreciate this end of design more (those that speculate, the avant-garde, the experimental, the artful). i don't think comfort was high on the priority list for the author (obviously; looking at the thing); does it have to be? i personally don't think so.. he was simply exploring aesthetics and the phenomenal – things other than wearability, i guess.

    also, why is "going out of my way to be different" wrong?

    • ronjon

      I've always said the difference between art and design is: art asks questions, design provides answers. There is a big difference between art and design and people seem to confuse the two. This jewelry belongs more in the artistic hemisphere than on a design blog.

      • onvn

        Though I agree that design provides answers, I personally think art is much more than simply asking questions.

        Given your definition of art and design, design cannot exist without art. without questions, there will be no answers. why shouldn't this jewelery be featured in a design blog? I think the designer here is doing both 'asking' and 'answering'. Note: HER answer, someone else may have a different answer.

  • people just need to know some design theory, and not some design sssstory told by Mr. Jobs.
    Macs designs are great. Love it. Have it .
    But it 's just a side, better, just a point of view of how design works.

  • Hi there, thank you all for your comments, but just for you to know, I'm not a "he" but a "she"

  • DonDon

    I just love it! Art/Design? This binary and dichotomy kind of thinking is exactly what we should break with our imagination. Thank you Galit for your try of breaking it.

  • graphical space

    Certainly will enhance the possibility of breaking a couple of fingers easily… What a silly concept.

  • matthews

    The placement of the stones on columns really challenges the conventional role of the "ring". Great job! Now the rest of you should let Steve Jobs rest in peace…how many of you were quoting him before his passing? Get original.

  • i like it

    i dont know why people think that there is big difference between design and art. these peaces combine the two and also broaden our view on what design should be.
    i like it.

  • this is one of those things we are gonna look 10 years from now, like the stupidest designs of the 2011´s