Thames Hub by Foster + Partners


Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

Architects Foster + Partners and engineers Halcrow have unveiled proposals for an airport and transport hub on the Thames estuary, 55 kilometres from central London.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The Thames Hub would include a new flood barrier crossing the estuary, a four-runway airport, a freight port and an Orbital Rail link around London connected to the north of Britain and Europe.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The proposal was jointly funded by Foster and Halcrow, who claim it would cost £50 billion to implement and would generate £150 billion in economic benefits.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The freight port and Orbital Rail route would allow goods to be transported directly to Britain's other container ports, bypassing the congested area around London.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The proposed airport could handle 150 million passengers per year, would be 30 minutes from central London by high-speed rail and would use tidal power to generate energy.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

A new flood barrier closer to the mouth of the Thames estuary would offer lasting flood protection for London and provide more land for housing in a heavily populated part of the country.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The team behind the Thames Hub proposal plan to conduct further research to demonstrate its viability as a solution to the UK's future unfrastructure.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

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Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

Here is some more information from Foster + Partners:

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The Hub UK vision

World-leading architects Foster + Partners and global infrastructure consultants Halcrow have collaborated on a self-funded study to produce a detailed vision for the Thames Hub – this would bring together rail freight connections between the UK’s main sea ports; utilities and data spine; a 150 million passenger airport in the Thames Estuary; a tidal energy barrage and a new flood protection barrier.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The long-term vision, which spans the next 50 years into 2060, is designed to reinforce the United Kingdom’s position as one of the world’s leading commercial, tourist and financial centres, ensuring that the country remains globally competitive in the late 21st century and beyond.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

The Foster + Partners and Halcrow vision builds on the significant development of the Mayor of London’s call for a new airport in the Estuary, while developing the capacity across all of the UK’s transport modes and trade routes.

Thames Hub by Foster + Partners

  • cas

    couldn't they find a more difficult site to build on?

    • him

      or perhaps one that was not directly in the river? Aren't these estuary zones increasingly recognized as fragile and heavily impacted habitats? I don't see how the tidal power can compensate for acres and acres of pavement on top of reclaimed land in such an area. Ok, it is better than an airport in the 60s or 70s, but not by very much

      • that guy

        Climate change in the UK could only result in better weather and they've decided to plan for it … in the river surrounded by estuaries. In the states they also seem to have a similar knack for locating the most pristine landscapes and smashing it with a power plant. Somebody please make sure they have a team of fluvial geomorphologists on deck.

      • it isn't in the river its on grain island… basically lots of square miles of marshland

  • Sam

    Why oh why could they not build this directly over Sheppey.

  • Kaptnkrunch

    No-one has £50 billion, it's a pipe dream. The government needs to bite the bullet and just build a new run-way at heathrow.

    • they will get funding…. several massive businesses are already in talks with the government… it would give them a large return in the future with massively increased business

      And 1 more runway at heathrow is not enough for the business London is predicted

  • alex

    There are benefits and there are drawbacks, like any airport proposal in the world. However, you'd expect the big names behind this project to deliver it.

  • Billy

    Someones having a laugh on p 26 of that document

  • edward

    Make no little plans! The kind of thinking that the US should be doing but the Military/Industrial complex will rule the roost until bankruptcy .

  • Adrian

    I think it should be more complicated.

  • Adam

    If it all comes together as proposed then it seems a good idea, Not many homes would come to CPO's because of the reclaimed land and the main flight path I presume would go down the Thames and not over homes.

  • El Pollo Diablo

    Awww bless, it's nice when children come up with plans like this.

    In the same vein, I once drew an inspector gadget coat when I was 8. It had all sorts of wonderful, fanciful things included.

    Kudos to the kid for convincing a grown-up to do some mock-up CGI though.