TOR by Lambie & Van Hengel for Montis


TOR by Lambie & Van Hengel for Montis

Handles on the tops of these pastel-coloured side tables let you easily move them around.

TOR by Lambie & Van Hengel for Montis

Designers Ralf Lambie and Johan van Hengel designed the aluminium TOR tables for Dutch furniture brand Montis.

TOR by Lambie & Van Hengel for Montis

Two of the table’s four legs follow the lines of the handle above, so that they appear to be connected.

TOR by Lambie & Van Hengel for Montis

The round table surface has raised edges to prevent items falling off when the tables are lifted.

TOR by Lambie & Van Hengel for Montis

We previously published another table designed to be carried like a bag - see our earlier story.

Here's a little more text from Lambie & Van Hengel:

Lambie & Van Hengel present TOR for Montis+

TOR is a side table that does not need a fixed location, it is designed to be moved around.

The legs extend through the tabletop creating the grip and giving the table its playful and charming character. The raised rim of the surface prevents objects from falling off.

TOR is made of powder coated aluminum and can be ordered in six different colors: intense black, signall white, signall grey, reseda green, pastel turquoise and violet pastel.

TOR has the following dimensions (diameter (ø) x h): Ø 40 x 45 cm

  • Gabriel

    Great, terrific… A small table with a handle in the middle featured as good design. It is 'nice', it is 'pretty'… But I am seriously despairing at the situation design is at right now. Maybe all us designers need to look in the mirror and decide whether we should consider actually doing something more worthwhile with our lives. There are quite enough small table already, if people want something 'new', maybe they can knock it out themselves in the garage… I just don't think all this 'stuff' is worthwhile right now with all the really serious population/environmental/economic problems we have going on.

    • Yes, and poets should stop making poems, and focus on creating actual books with researched and documented information.

      Otherwise I don't like the idea of the fake, extra functionalism of this object, as people said, it would already be pretty easy to move it around.

  • apart from carrying it… its also necessary to remember that ultimately one has to rest theit butt on it….. n am not sure how comfortable its gonna be????

    • kelly

      It's a table…?!

      • jed

        best comment ever though, seriously.

  • troy

    I know nobody asked, but I really dislike when a piece is based around faux functionality. Honestly, the handle on the table is worthless.

  • DebbieL

    pretty similar concept to this Tomoko Azumi table:

  • shyene

    hm, interesting thoughts. i love the tor and it works great in my living room

  • zetre
  • dudo

    Looks like the lid of a trash can. It took 2 designers to come up with this?

  • g

    what a pitty people always trash the nice things on this website. very nice mini table, great design, nice colours and i personally like that you can pick it up and put it next to your bed when you’re sick, or in the garden when you’re reading a book in wherever the sun is shining at that moment. i’d love to have it

  • Tom

    Hay table.

  • Cute table! A good idea well executed.