Pin Pres by OOO My Design


Pin Pres by OOO My Design

Here's a similar storage system to the bicycle showroom we published this morning, this time for a kid's playroom.

Pin Pres by OOO My Design

Created by OOO My Design, the rods of Pin Pres slide in and out so toys and books can put away simply by pushing them into the surface, but you might spend more time playing with it than tidying up.

Pin Pres by OOO My Design

See the same system applied to retail design here and a wardrobe you throw things at here.

Pin Pres by OOO My Design

Here are some more details from OOO My Design:

Pin Pres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored.

Its the only shelf that will make your kid actually want to clean up and de-clutter the room!

Pin Pres has won Josep Ros furniture design competition.

  • Jasper

    May I point out the origins of this concept from NL architects for the Mandarina Duck store in Paris. It was called the PINWALL.

  • Strange that it won the Joseph Ros furniture design competition if the design concept came from someone else.

  • It looks beautiful. Love it. It seems to be more of a toy than actual furniture.