Google Engineering HQ by PENSON


Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Engineers for web giant Google can lounge on sofas or draw on the walls at their new London headquarters by designers PENSON.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

As well as computer workstations, the offices include game rooms, music studios, lounge areas and an auditorium.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

The lounge areas, named "flight pods", are filled with two-tiered sofas, while the walls are lined with white-boards.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Corridors are also used as informal meeting spots and are furnished with faceted stools.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Monochrome table and chairs furnish a dedicated coffee area and overlook a lawn of artificial grass.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

The offices also house studios for mobile web developers Android, containing electrically adjustable tables and magnetic walls.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

We previously featured another office for Google in London, with a giant logo in the lobby - see it here.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Here's the full press release:

PENSON “Strike 1” for Google Engineering HQ London

One of the world’s most up & coming architecture & interior design brands PENSON, has released their first project for Google engineers, in Buckingham Palace Road, London. This first release forms part of PENSON’s overall programme for Google, covering super cool office spaces for Googlers this year at Central Saint Giles & Belgrave House London.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

This first release is a starship enterprise-come-space module-come space-city affair, which is shrewdly functional whilst laying down some really clever & fresh thinking workplace strategies. In summary it’s yet another brilliant to the point release by PENSON.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Henrique Penha of Google commented: “Working with the team at PENSON was a pleasure, they truly understood the functional and aesthetic attributes we were after when redesigning Google’s new engineering offices in London. Together, we pushed the ambition of the project into every phase, giving the Engineering teams in London a place to incubate and execute on numerous Google projects and products.”

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

The floor provides a mixture of spaces, gaming rooms, music studios, a park, coffee lab, flight pods, lounges, micro-kitchens, an amazing auditorium labelled Tech Talk & an abundance of very clever collaboration & working spaces.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Most walls across the space are magnetic white board laminates, which allow scribbles across the entire floor. In small or large nooks & crannies, Googlers collaborate in alone, in pairs or in spaces that can present casually to 100 people. It’s very clever, loose & natural in that the space works around Googlers & not the other way around. The laminates give a spacious glossy jointless feel. It’s simply fab.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Flight pods are a PENSON invention exclusively for Google. These pods solve a number of programme, landlord & technical matters in the interests of supersonic fit-out speeds. They also look amazing, solve acoustic issues & provide semi private slouching-come-formal seating opportunities that simply look & feel amazing. These are true kick off your shoes & meet spaces. The days of meeting rooms are perhaps numbered!

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Knowing PENSON well, it’s of course no surprise to us that the Coffee Lab is in fact made from compressed sheets of spent fresh coffee shavings. Clever! The space overlooks the internal park, with music & gaming rooms creating a space with amazing acoustics for collaborative speeches or as per opening night an electronic violinist.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

The space also covers the Android studio, which is responsible for development of all Android matters. The space has electrically adjustable studio tables for working whilst standing or collaborating at low-level. The space has magnetic walls throughout for pin-up presentations of software or new patents currently under development.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Corridors no longer exist through other clever ideas, which mean that footprint usage of the floor plate is maximised. Through shrewd space, planning using techniques that only PENSON seem to dream up, the floor has been totally max packed, however, the spaces feel incredibly loose & spacious. Large isles of walkways with inter-connecting orange lines create a joined-up approach, which breaks up floors. Floors alone are different here, again through PENSON’s young creative commercials.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Desking looks different & fully integrated into the space, thanks to that orange banding. 100% of the desks are fully height adjustable. Screens that divide, whilst allowing group wide social connection, are framed with self-illuminating perspex, which add zest.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Other aspects to the scheme which are also very well considered are acoustics, day-lighting, zoning & socialising. All of these things happen naturally in that the space works, its comfortable & relaxing.

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

Lee Penson founder of PENSON Groups says: "This project for Google underlines our position within the media & office sectors, not only exposing our supersonic design flair, but also our delivery capabilities. Handing over 300,000sq.ft for Google in less than a year from start to finish to this level of detail is no mean feat & as the remainder of the Google programme is released, the underline will simply get thicker! This is a good looking, functional, commercially & forward thinking project!

Google Engineering HQ by Penson

It’s a special place that presses all of the right buttons at all levels. Statistics, workplace strategies, styling, atmosphere & forward thinking for Google’s Googlers. Magic!

  • Steef

    I think the designers watched spacey odyssey 2001 a bit too much. And then cheaply reproduced it. Already looks outdated. Too hard trying to be cool is never cool.

    • Good design is always good design. It never gets outdated.

  • H-J

    Those Apple Airbooks sure look good in a Google HQ…

  • Greg

    Yes advertising agencies like Google do have the coolest offices. Advertising agencies always have had the coolest offices. So what's new?

  • mfl

    a lot of design, not a lot of windows. Not necessarily the fault of the designer but I’m not sure I could work here without it feeling incredibly overbearing.

  • uhoooh

    No windows to the outside! The whole thing looks cheap like it will be showing wear in 6 months.

  • Manuel

    Computer nerds love daylight too. Communal ares seem a little claustrophobic on these pictures.

  • edward

    Trying sooo hard to be sooo cool. Painful. Just a straight ahead design would have been better.

  • EBG

    looks like the big brother house/how, google? no way

  • Facu

    It seems to be a spacecraft. I would not like to work there, too many plastic walls, so artificial and fictional offices. Don´t

    We are humans not machines. Google, don´t sell us that there are informal and lounge wortkplaces.

  • vertigo66

    Is this just an ad for Penson? – Supersonic Design Flair? Really? Text needs re-writing. It is so self congratulatory it is embarrassing!

  • call me dave

    looks like a Berlin youth hostel

  • j

    why those pantone mugs??

  • Jay

    Too cold…

  • IDforme

    how could they have gotten the lighting so wrong!

    • Novalinnhe

      I agree with you – bright fluorescent strips are my idea of a nightmare! Irritating when you're tired, and they make everybody look like ghouls, haha.

  • Why are the ceilings so low?!

  • DJ Architect

    Open the pod bay doors Hal…

  • James

    It's depressing – Google made a bad choice.

  • Rather than 2001 this is surely inspired by Gerry Anderson's TV show SPACE 1999 and its' interiors from the 1970s. Moonbase Alpha is the nu place to work:

  • Joel

    does anyone know what name of the white lounge chair in the room with the togo sofas? I am also wondering what the black rocking chair in the same room is called? Thanks