Fresh by Victor Vetterlein


Fresh by Victor Vetterlein

This desk lamp resembling bent blades of grass is by American designer Victor Vetterlein.

Fresh by Victor Vetterlein

The LED lights at the end of each stem are designed to look like rain droplets, which in nature both weigh down the tips of long grass and reflect sunlight.

Fresh by Victor Vetterlein

The stalks are coated in green rubber and can be bent in different directions.

Fresh by Victor Vetterlein

Victor Vetterlein has also designed a lamp made of egg boxes and pendant lights that resemble hanging branches.

Here's some more text from the designer:

Introducing a new LED desk lamp called Fresh by Victor Vetterlein. The design is inspired by tall wet grass, where the water droplets amplify sunlight and the grass stems bend downward from the weight of the moisture.

Fresh by Victor Vetterlein

The stems of Fresh are bendable in all directions to direct prismatic light as a group or individually.

Fresh by Victor Vetterlein

The lamp is composed of a rubber coated metal base, neoprene coated solid aluminum arms, and a dimmable LED light source with an acrylic magnifying lens.

Fresh by Victor Vetterlein

The power voltage converter necessary for operating the low energy light source is placed in the base of the lamp for additional counterbalance. Fresh provides a splash of color and a whisper of Spring to a home or office desk.

  • Bhavnesh

    Really?! Is this a joke?

  • Leiurus

    Don't want to sound like a hater but the result couldn't be further from the inspiration. Thinking that delicate grass and droplets led to such a gross product let me speachless. Honestly, any design school student would do 1000 times better after only 6 montns of practice. Sorry but I really can't find anything positive to say about this one.

    • carsten


      you are not exactly right with your comment – imagine a dark room with this lamp being switched off – now that's positive because you wouldn't see it.

  • Kerby

    Something very 'trap door' going on here

    & i likes it !

  • jan

    It reminds me of Maarten Baas' crankly bore designs.
    I don't dislike it. First grader work? perhaps, but can't you say that from 90% of modern art?
    I think it's a nice anti design from al pure simple designs recently being adored…