PC House by XVA


PC House by XV

A steel staircase outside this renovated summerhouse in western eastern Spain spirals up onto a roof terrace with a view of the sea.

PC House by XVA

Entitled PC House, the residence was completed earlier this year by Spanish studio Xavier Vilalta Architects (XVA).

PC House by XVA

Long rectangular skylights increase natural daylight in the hallways and kitchen area, plus glass doors open the living room up to the garden and patio at the rear.

PC House by XVA

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PC House by XV

Photography is by David Cabrera.

Here's some more explanation from Xavier Vilalta:

PC House

PC House is a summerhouse for a family in a 60s Mediterranean town’s neighborhood, on a site few meters far away from the beach.

PC House by XVA

The intervention renews the house updating the aesthetics concept, reinforcing the interior-exterior relationship, improving its comfort quality.

It is a new image for a summerhouse for the family.

PC House by XVA

The renewal was done maintaining the existing structure and the position of the windows and eliminating all the previous accessories such as arcs and reliefs.

PC House by XVA

Several operations were to increase the height of the walls to create a new proportion and a new terrace overlooking the sea and to extend the height of the windows to increase lightening and ventilation and air circulation inside the house.

PC House by XVA

The new terrace is connected with the renewed garden by a steel tube staircase.

PC House by XVA

Additionally, we decided to do two skylights strategically positioned on the entrance and on top of the kitchen to provide natural light to the only spaces without direct communication with the exterior.

PC House by XVA

The living room is opened to the garden through a big sliding window and by extending its pavement from inside to outside, extending its proportions and to be in direct contact with nature of a garden with an existing prominent Mediterranean pine tree, a comfortable shaded space to enjoy with the family.

PC House by XVA

Location: Vilafortuny, Spain
Use: Private house
Completion: February 2011
Total Built Area: 200㎡
Client: Quim Piqué, Tània Calafell

XVA – Xavier Vilalta Architects

Partner in charge: Xavier Vilalta
Design Team: Núria Navarro, Maria Rosaria Favoino
Project Manager: Xavier Capdevila
Contractor: Ferre Construcciones, SL

  • Mario

    Advice to the inhabitants. Move that couch at least 10 centimeters from the kitchen in order to prevent severe spilling of red wine or lemonade on a white fabric surface..

    • Dave Gronlie

      Sound advice IMO. While it may look nice to have clean lines for that counter top, I suspect that a backsplash or the like, there to control spills, would be appreciated by the owner. It could even be disguised as a decorative feature.

  • alex

    "A steel staircase outside this renovated summerhouse in western Spain spirals up onto a roof terrace with a view of the sea"

    Come on, show us the view from the top of that staircase!

  • martini-girl

    It's all a bit awkward isn't it?

    A spiral staircase to a hot open terrace to access a view? This could have been dealt with much more cleverly.

    And the interior layout/decor doesn't work – the oversized kitchen island is made unusable by the oversized lounge that sits against it. And the lounge placement means that the oversized TV is against the window ruins the interior/exterior relationship.

    The interior needs a bit of help.

  • ;-)

    realitiy hits you hard in this pictures. thats why you should take the pictures
    before people move in :D

  • Guillermo

    Vilafortuny, where the house is, is in the east, not the west (there's not too much spanish west coast)