Digital Library by YTA


Digital Library by YTA

Brazilian architects YTA have converted the spare room of a house into a multimedia library where pine floorboards and industrial lighting climb the walls.

Digital Library by YTA

Some of the pine boards also fold forwards from the concrete block walls to create shelves for storing books.

Digital Library by YTA

On the far wall, boards fold up from the floor to create a stand for a television, revealing a base of stark concrete below.

Digital Library by YTA

A desk is positioned along the back wall of the room, while other furniture and miscellaneous items are scattered around elsewhere and electrical sockets are integrated within the lighting grids.

Digital Library by YTA

We've also published another project from Brazil featuring a grid of lighting - see our earlier story about an installation on an abandoned house here.

Digital Library by YTA

Photography is by André Paterlini.

Here's some more information from YTA:

Digital Library – Retro-nology

At YTÅ, we believe in the essence of materials, in rationalizing resources and in optimizing elements when creating our projects and environments.

Digital Library by YTA

This library materialized these three concepts and created a space where high-tech contrasts with raw matter, returns to its origins, creating dialogue and balance.

Digital Library by YTA

The space is made up of juxtaposed layers: the concrete base, the wooden shell, the metal wrapping. All these elements are exposed, made evident and work together.

Digital Library by YTA

As the main character, certified pine wood boards run, fold and unfold themselves throughout the room, wrapping the books in their own original media, closing the cycle.

Digital Library by YTA

Technology here is in favour of the user, allowing him to control his whole environment (audio, video, lighting, temperature, safety) through a tablet, as well as connecting him to the world through online navigation. Making a statement, vintage elements maintain the memory of the analogic and books and magazines are available at arm’s reach, for they are, as we believe, irreplaceable.

Digital Library by YTA

This project was built in a family home, located in Ribeirao Preto – state of São Paulo, in Brazil.

  • elizabeth

    good idea in theory of juxtaposing 'new technology' and 'vintage, raw items', but the final product looks like the interior of an urban outfitters :( wish it was less trendy/predictable/literal

    • Chris

      I know what you mean, it has taken on that 'down with the youth' style. It is true though that this design clearly has more class, though it's unfortunately going to be grouped into the category of mass consumerism.

  • KSL

    The Lounge Chairs? Who? Where can I acquire?

    • oneday

      I love the chairs too! Any idea of the designer?

  • Celeste

    I love the retro feel to this room and the antique license plates – very nice touch! Great post!

  • Lulu

    Love it, especially the random way of running the wood up the walls.

    • amanda

      love the ramdom way they wood up the walls & make bookshelf on it!