Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur


Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur

Swedish studio Råk-Arkitektur have won a competition to design a cultural centre for a north London site believed to have once been the legendary realm of King Arthur.

Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur

The proposals comprise a 36-metre-high mirrored and faceted building, intended to resemble the stone that the king is said to have pulled a sword from in the 5th Century.

Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur

Evidence that the site could be the historical location for Camelot includes archeological findings of thick stone walls, a huge drawbridge and a subterranean dungeon.

Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur

A skylight will be positioned atop the structure, which will form a pointed glass shard on the ceiling inside.

Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur

By night, lighting directed through this hole will create a bright line across the sky above Trent Park.

Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur

It is hoped that the centre will serve as a meeting place for different faiths, as well as a venue for theatre or music.

Camelot at Cockfosters by Råk-Arkitektur

The competition was organised by the Organization for Mythological Protection and Promotion, who are working to deliver the project.

Here's some more text from Råk-Arkitektur:

With Trent Park being once the home of King Arthur and Camelot we drew inspiration for this project from the story of him drawing the sword Excalibur from a stone.

The 36 meter high stone shaped structure will have a surface that reflects its woodland environment, creating a less imposing structure whilst rendering the inside with an impressive airy void.

A 7m glass structure in the shape of a swords tip will let in light from outside and during the night a light will beam from the hole, illuminating the night sky, becoming a beacon for Trent park.

With the sites rich historical and mythological past we suggest that the future for Trent Park and this site will hold a multi faith meeting place and cultural centre. With London being known for its religious diversity we want this place to act as a spiritual sanctuary were people of all faiths and beliefs are welcomed alike. The building will also be able to host events such as theatre, opera and other cultural happenings.

  • felix

    Acoustics will be terrible. What are those spiral staircases for? What material will the mirrored facade be made of? Stupid proposal.

    • I agree… a form without the architecture.

      • Archi-Nerd

        The first building you can honestly say is just a pretty facade, lol.

  • M0du10rM4n

    This is really poor… I mean how much thought really went into that? Arthur-Sword in the stone-big rock with a sword shaped 'shard' in it…. Going to stick my neck out and say that this won't get built!

    I'm sorry, but this really gets my goat!

  • Tristan Stevens

    Ok, it is optically exciting and beautiful project, but the amount of birds that will crash into it let alone the poop! Working in an office made of glass walls, ducks would fly straight for us repeatedly.

    A shame because it looks amazing!

    • Kyle

      I have to agree with you! I like the design, it's light, dreamy and almost transparent, but the architect should have paid more attention to birds that will fly and crash into it for sure

  • joeinbristol

    As above: stupid idea, stupid design. Really half-arsed, especially those spiral staircases/platforms.
    Rak's website is half finished so that might indicate how seriously this scheme should be taken. Thankfully. And the ' Organization for Mythological Protection and Promotion'? Seriously?

    I grew up near Trent Park, have been to this site many times. It's a moat and island with many mature trees, hidden away off the beaten track. The local witches/druids—to whom it's obviously significant—hang all sorts of stuff from the trees. It has an atmosphere. Which would certainly be ruined if this proposal went ahead.

    • kyle

      sounds harsh, but you do have a great point!

  • Mario

    Hey sweet little birds, in front of you there's just sky..not a reflecting building…keep flying…no worries..

  • Tim

    Not everything posted here gets built. I suggest you people just sit and enjoy the beautiful concepts that are shared with us instead of just bashing them.

    • Archinerd

      some deserve bashing… like this one!

  • If I'd have done this for a project while studying Architecture I'd have failed the module. Look at the elevations, lol. They must have taken 30 seconds maximum and look like they were done on paint. So frustrating that stuff like this is praised. I agree with the two other comments here.

  • GJGA

    Not realistic, it will never be like that in reality, mirror clading, materials… really poor design.
    getting really worried about the future of architecture.

  • Dave

    More pointless light pollution. Please don't build this nonsense. No thank you.

  • Mattias

    Gazillions of birds will crash into that weird looking building and die!

  • Love it! nice staircases to the booths,

  • Josh V

    Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.

    • Chris

      I think the moral of the myth is that once you have a good enough sword you can do whatever you want, and no matter how farcical the ceremony that you use to consecrate your power, people will have to respect it. I think the lesson of this myth is just as valid today as any coming from some abstract theory of executive power, and I think Machiavelli, whose theories every politician has followed since time began, would agree.

    • Archinerd

      Poor deluded josh… go to you tube and watch Zeitgist 2… enjoy

      • rch

        try watching Monty Python- you may just get it…

  • Yeah, I also want to know how they're going to pull off that seamless, perfectly mirrored facade.

  • panulli

    These staircases are going to claim many victims.

  • mks

    Imagine having put thought and time into a competition entry and being beaten by this.

  • The "Sword in the Stone" motif is worth exploring, and from the outside the structure looks pretty interesting. But those tall spiral stairways will scare off most people. I agree, I doubt if it ever gets built, at least as proposed here.

  • Peter

    Two months too early for April 1st., are we? Looks like a hoax anyway.

  • Lancelot

    WOW! Innovative design. A true architecture of the future. It will rightly serve as a place grand enough to hold all modern Arthur-naughts. Although, I might add, it is missing a round table…

  • Chris

    Let's hope the new changes to British planning legislation are worth their weight in salt and this design gets revised…

  • dp1dave

    this is architectural claptrap and flimflam…

  • belal

    this is just a big reflective mirror

  • maybe put in an escillator – I couldn't be assed climbing those steps

  • lngbrder887

    I wonder how they managed to pick which 3D voronoi cell, created from the point set reconstruction toolbar in rhino to use for the over-all massing? Talk about completely un-contextual design…

  • Caroline

    It looks like the dreamstone…

  • joop

    Since when are birds incapable to see there own reflection?

  • Alonso T.

    This kind of mediocrity infuriates me. How can a so-called "Organization for Mythological Protection and Promotion" award a design that is so mythologically inaccurate? Most sources will state that Arthur pulls a sword from an anvil on a stone (rendering the architectural "concept" useless) and that this sword isn't the one called Excalibur. Hasn't anyone's research gone beyond watching Disney's "The Sword in the Stone"?

    • PaulS

      I agree – what's wrong with these people? If it's a myth – it's made up! Leave it as nice story for the Victorians.

  • shien

    maybe it's a church

  • Rafel

    Worst project here.

  • Louise

    What a load of baloney. Looks awful. I live in Cockfosters and severely hope they don't ruin my little town.

  • Hans

    Absurd -when the Swedes go to extremes after their puritan past. Hope it never materializes.

  • Clayfeet

    Manages to be astonishingly crude and geographically misplaced at the same time. The site of Camelot was Dinas Powys in the Vale of Glamorgan.

  • HYC

    I didn't realise the "stone" was 36 metres high! Wow, what a load of nonsense.

  • So are we to believe King Arthur was not a fan of birds? Beautiful form and effect but completely void of contextual relationship or sensitivity. Seems more like a monument to the architect whom designed it…as do most building proposals these days.

  • Douglas Coker

    This is just plain daft!

  • tedek

    flying bird >>>blood>>NO!!!