Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

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Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

Here are some images of an extremely pointy pavilion in Tianjin, China, by Singapore studio Ministry of Design.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

A band of Corten steel cladding surrounds the triangular building, pitching upwards at each corner to cantilever over triangular windows.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

Doors on two of these glazed corners provide separate entrances to a showroom and an information centre, both for property developer Vanke.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

A lounge and bar for entertaining clients is located in the building’s third corner.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

We've noticed a trend of Corten-clad buildings lately - see a few more of them here.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

Photography is by Edward Hendricks, CI&A Photography.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

Here's a little more explanation from Ministry of Design:

Vanke Triple V Gallery

Designed as a permanent show gallery and tourist information center for China’s largest developer Vanke, MOD’s dramatic design for the TRIPLE V GALLERY has become an icon along the Dong Jiang Bay coastline.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

Click above for larger image

Despite its obvious sculptural qualities, the building’s DNA evolved rationally from a careful analysis of key contextual & programmatic perimeters – resulting in the TRIPLE V GALLERY’S triangulated floor plan as well as the 3 soaring edges that have come to define its form.

Click above for larger image

The client’s program called for 3 main spaces: a tourist information center, a show gallery & a lounge for discussion.

Requiring their own entrances, the tourist center and the show gallery are orientated to separate existing pedestrian pathways and can be operated independently.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

An extension of the show gallery, the lounge area is where discussions are conducted. This space takes advantage of the panoramic views of the coastline and comprises a sculptural bar counter.

Tectonically, the building responds to the coastal setting and is finished in weather-sensitive corten steel panels on its exterior and timber strips on the interior walls and ceiling for a more natural feel.

Vanke Triple V Gallery by Ministry of Design

Architectural & Interior Design: Ministry of Design - Colin Seah, David Tan, Daniel Aw, Jeremiah Abueva, Lynn Li, Noel Banta
Site Management: Annie Su, He Ting
Contractor: Nantong No.2 Construction Group (Archi), Beijing Grain. Rain Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (ID) C&S: Tenio Design And Engineering Co., Ltd.
M&E: Tenio Design And Engineering Co., Ltd.
Land Area: 16,850 sqm
Built in GFA: 750 sqm
Facilities: Reception, Model display, Open discussion area, Bank service area, Electricity Room, AV Room, Office, Meeting Rooms, VIP Rooms, Cloakroom, Restrooms, Information center
Construction duration: 4 months
Opening: November 2011

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  • Jared

    "the building’s DNA evolved rationally from a careful analysis of key contextual & programmatic perimeters" How? Just be lifting up corners? The paneling of the Corten is very awkward at the "dips", just clashing together.

  • Romausris

    could be Nike headquarters? :)

  • Josh V

    nice detailing and use of materials, but the rest is just awful. Isosceles triangles make for poor functional plans. And I can see they're taking direction from BIG by using vague diagrams and eye-rolling words like "tectonic" to justify using poorly recycled ideas.

  • Memosus

    I wish the diagrams would be a bit more original, rather than being so similar to BIG and JDS's work…

    • Flabio

      Exactly…There is no room for referencing so blatantly. BUT, the lack of rigor and design thought shows. Please do not insult BIG's work, this is no where of a fraction close…

  • Tristan

    Please get over BIG, they didn’t invent diagrams with primary color arrows and lines. I have diagrams from projects twenty years ago that look like that as does every Architect that makes diagrams.

  • Chris

    I don't know whether that weird pink-purple sky is the effect of some sort of smog interference with the suns rays, but if it isn't can the Architects stop trying to mystify their designs by using impossible colours of sky in their renderings? No need to try and detract my attention away from your design, it's so abysmal the tears in my eyes are doing that for you.

  • Sean

    This project proves on many levels how superficiality thrives by just adjusting reference architecture to a smaller project. If the view was so important why was it addressed the sane way as the other 2 corners. Would it not make more sense to have a wider frontage towards the view so more people could enjoy it?

  • Scott Sowers

    Tis a very striking design. I'm wondering if the rust color on the cladding is, um, rust?

  • diisign

    I thought that the feng shui rules avoided those kinds of angles… Or was it just common sense?

  • Cardo

    Great photoshop at work here but it could not solve the mangled mess. The whole scale is just not suitable for gymnastics. It looks like a "ash tray" has been shrunk, squashed and soon to be dirtied by "stains" on the ground. The only saving grace is…(fill in the blanks, let's find some good things to say, shall we?..)

  • Baldboy

    The saving grace is the green plant in the small vase…looks like the designer was posing in the picture as well, COME ON…

  • Leandro Llorente

    DETAIL: The linear LED at the eave's form looked like an afterthought. A clad fold with a channel can receive that light strip, not as a stick-on.

  • Neckeer

    JDS reborn as MOD! Case closed.