Halo by Benjamin Hubert
for David Design


Halo by Benjamin Hubert for David Design

Stockholm 2012: Londoner Benjamin Hubert has designed a fruit bowl for Swedish brand David Design with concentric circles milled out of a slice of oak, cut deeper as they approach the centre to form a stepped dish.

Halo by Benjamin Hubert for David Design

These steps reduce the surface area of the fruit that's touching the bowl, allowing air to circulate and preventing mould.

Halo by Benjamin Hubert for David Design

Called Halo, the bowl is part of David Design's Atelier collection, which also includes the Heart Chair by Claesson Koivisto Rune that we published yesterday.

Halo by Benjamin Hubert for David Design

Stockholm Furniture Fair took place 7-11 February. See all our stories about it here.

Halo by Benjamin Hubert for David Design

Here are some more details from Benjamin Hubert:

Halo - Benjamin Hubert x David Design

Halo is a range of geometric CNC cut Solid Oak fruit bowls designed by Benjamin Hubert for Scandinavian brand David Design’s ‘Atelier collection’.

The bowls signature is a series of concentric ribs in the surface, these ribs allow for a minimum surface area contact with the fruit contents. This allows for optimum airflow beneath the fruit decreasing the presence of mould and increasing the shelf life of the produce.

David Design has re-launched under New management and art direction in 2012 working with a number of established and up and coming designers under new management and art Direction.

Halo by Benjamin Hubert for David Design


Oak with natural oil
Oak with black stain

Dimensions W320mm x H60mm

  • dubya

    I like the way this looks, but think it would be cooler with a spiral instead of concentric circles. The way it is now doesn’t really require CNC at all.

    • xtiaan

      I was thinking exacly the same thing, why didnt they just do it on a lathe by hand? but take a close look at the centre of the bowls in the 4th pic, I think it actually IS a spiral. Though with these photos on a viewed on a computer screen who knows…

      Spiral = cool
      Series of conecentric circles= lame and pointless cnc

  • Fedup

    most fruits I know of are irregularly shaped enough that the "airflow" argument seems pretty absurd. Pretty bowl, but I can't stand all the post-rationalizing.

  • Guybrush

    It works only with perfectly spherical, CNC fruits…

  • Steve

    Come on Dezeen you don't have to publish absolutely every single project by Hubert. He is a great designer but this is a pretty basic product . Kind of thing a designer would do if he has never used a cnc machine before.

  • ttt

    why is it that design nowadays requires some much story?…..

  • marc

    please stop posting those sketches. they are so ridiculously contrived.

  • sfo

    I like Jim Partridge blackened oak bowls and David Pye ribbed bowls more. These make me think of pieces from a draughts set.